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David Sears Joins SOF Studios

So you’re probably asking yourself, “Who is David Sears and how is he important to SOF Studios?” Unless you are into first person shooter (FPS) video games, you might not have heard of him. Yes, I thought FPS meant feet per second too. Just shows my age. At any rate, David Sears has 22-year in the games industry and is a renowned AAA Creative Director. AAA titles are backed by major studios with big budgets such as “SOCOM: US Navy SEALs”.

He has worked on titles in a variety of genres for publishers/developers including Ubisoft, Sony Computer Entertainment of America, Virgin Games, Zipper Interactive, Foundation 9 Entertainment, Kronos Digital Entertainment, Looking Glass Studios, and Pseudo Interactive.

Most recently he served as Creative Director for Ubisoft’s unreleased shooter title, “Rainbow 6: Patriots”, but resigned from Ubisoft Montreal last month and joined the SOF Studios team in Southern Pines, NC.

We look forward to learning more about what this means for SOF Studios who have just released photos of their development work.


6 Responses to “David Sears Joins SOF Studios”

  1. mike says:

    that long in the industry? so is this the guy who we assign blame for all of the terrible handling of firearms in FPSs? Controls on the wrong side, ejection ports on one side with ejection animated on the other, made-up attachments, bad physics, pump-action rifles, wrong parts moving while bolts stationary, completely unrealistic damage assessment (shotguns make things explode point blank and do nothing ten feet away!)hammer forward on pistols after multiple rounds, etc etc etc. It’s cool that they get the details of the oakly gloves on the multicam combat shirt right but the gun thing drives me crazy.

    /end rant

    Good luck David!

    • Doug E. Doug says:

      There’s a part of me that is very glad that manual of arms and weapon functions are not articulated properly in games. The last thing I want is someone knowing exactly how the thing works the moment they pick up a rifle for the first time from just watching a video game. There’s also a part of me that finds it about as annoying as someone calling a mag a clip 🙂

  2. johnny says:

    It would be cool if the Americans in Battlefield 3 looked like this, but instead they had to give them MarCIRAS vests and RRVs.