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OR – Follow Up Arc’teryx Spring 13

While their will certainly be some new LEAF products for 2013, is going to stay under wraps until SHOT Show. However, there are a couple of items from the consumer line for Spring we though are reader might be interested in.






5 Responses to “OR – Follow Up Arc’teryx Spring 13”

  1. eva05 says:

    Very nice.

  2. Rob says:

    I’m digging those two hoodies, especially the Quiq. Is it oversized, as it looks pretty long

    • Burned says:

      Looks like they might be making an attempt to actually make an hoody that is designed for LE plain clothes / low profile that can actually conceal a firearm, mags, handcuffs, etc. Still looks pretty streamlined though. Best way to do this is to open up the taper, not to necessarily increase the length. Euro / rock climbing cuts do not favor well with concealment.

      • SSD says:

        This is not a LEAF product. Absolutely zero consideration was taken to include any of those type of features. That isn’t how Arc’teryx works.

  3. B says:

    I actually have the Quiq, and it immediately because my favorite hoody. It is tailored for a long and slender build, with long arms. I have the arms of a freak (6’1″but arms of 6 ft 6), 190 lbs the XL fits me perfect- like an old school hoody. I really love the stitching and it has a DEEP hood.

    I’ll be putting a YouTube review up soon.