Darley Days Ft Drum – Eureka Rapid Deployable System

Shown at yesterday’s Darley Days, this Rapid Deployable Shelter from Eureka! turned some heads.


Designed to interface with TEMPER tents, the feature that is drawing folks to the RDS is its articulated unique frame system. It kind of reminds me of those mobile vestibules many use for picnics. You stretch the frame out and use pins to keep it from collapsing.

What’s really neat about it is that you don’t have to lift parts up into the air and held them in place while you get everything lined up.


The RDS also features replaceable windows and the skin is made from a PVC coated, high tenacity polyester fabric.


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4 Responses to “Darley Days Ft Drum – Eureka Rapid Deployable System”

  1. Doug E. Doug says:

    Any info on how many people are needed (it weighs at least 550lbs), and how it can be transported? I’d guess you can’t just roll it off the bed of a truck with all of those articulated parts. I love the idea of a ‘one stop shop’ tent with a giant frame, and I hope they have a creative solution for it. Thanks for the post!

  2. Riceball says:

    The number of people needed to deploy I think will depend greatly on who you talk to, the manufacturer or the end user. Towards the end of my time in the Corps we got a new portable, supposedly lightweight, DASC shelter that was basically one of the new style GP tents that you see a lot of now a days. Well according to the instructional video that we watched showing us how to set it up you’re only supposed to need 4 Marines and maybe 15 minutes, top, to set it up. Of course the four Marines they showed in the video were built like linebackers and made lifting the rolled up tent look easy, in practice it would take about 6 average Marine to lift it (easily) and it took us about at least a half hour to set it up the first time.

    • Doug E. Doug says:

      Haha, yeah that sounds about right. I was really excited until I saw the website that weighed the smallest tent they have at 678 lbs.