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New Sonny Puzikas Video from Panteao Productions


Panteao Productions introduces the latest instructional video in the Make Ready series. They’ve teamed up with Sonny Puzikas to bring you a look at the AK from a Soviet perspective. As a
former member of a Soviet military special purpose unit Saulius “Sonny” Puzikas served during tumultuous times from the late 1980s through the early 1990s, and has participated in operations in numerous “hot spots” of the former Soviet Union. For the past 10 years Sonny has been teaching and instructing multi-national military special operations units, law enforcement officers and civilian clients on topics of CQB, team tactics, personal protection and combatives, as well as more specialized courses for specific audiences.

In Fighting with the AK, Sonny teaches you about the AK like no one else can. He reviews myths about the AK, balancing marksmanship with speed and mobility, transitions, reloading, components of speed, marksmanship, low platform basics, and more. In this special 2 DVD set, you also get Realities of a Gunfight where Sonny talks about the inverted pyramid of firearms training and the art of mobility.

Panteao is accepting pre-orders for the DVD and expects it to be released in August.

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44 Responses to “New Sonny Puzikas Video from Panteao Productions”

  1. SWAT LEO says:

    WTF was he doing at the 42 second spot of the video? Shooting his AK in a direction he isn’t even looking? Watch close. He cranks off two rounds on purpose in the opposite direction that he looking. While he isn’t even using his pistol sights at least he is looking in that direction. LOL

    Wow, this video is a joke.

  2. Panteao says:

    That portion of the trailer is being taken out of context. That was actually a demonstration Sonny showed in the video where he talked about the story of a soldier he knew that was part of a team that was surrounded and taking heavy fire and casualties. That soldier was the last one alive in his team and to get out of the situation, used his pistol for the controlled aimed fire and used his AK for suppressive fire behind him. While the soldier was still wounded in the engagement, he was the only one from his team that survived the firefight. Sonny isn’t teaching how to do that technique in the video. Simply showing what was done in an extreme situation to stay alive.

  3. CTO says:

    Having seen more than a few of the Panteao videos in the past, and the shooters they have instructing in them, I trust that Sonny does that for a reason.

  4. I don’t care what the reason is to have that
    in the trailer without any kind of context is extremely irresponsible after the recent events in Colorado. This is exactly the kind of thing we don’t need for the anti- gunners to get a hold of. I am disappointed by everyone involved for this being in the trailer. It should be corrected immediately

    • ReasonAndLogic says:

      Are you going to call his boss and whine larry.
      The CO shootings have nothing to do with this.
      Maybe you should just keep your nose stuck in your phone and your mouth shut like you do when you’re supposed to be teaching.

  5. Panteao says:


    Tell me how you really feel. 🙂

  6. It’s funny you bring that up as I am in weekly counseling about not hiding my inner feelings and speaking from the heart 😉

    Sugar coating touchy topics is not my strong suit…

    • Sonny Puzikas says:

      And how would this irresponsible behavior demonstrated in the trailer would help the would be mass murderers and empower the anti-gun crowd?
      I find it amusing that you would be a voice of “reason” and seem to be genuinely concerned for such a blasphemy being presented. Regardless of the context.
      The strong suit that you are displaying is commenting before understanding, or even seeing full presentation and explanation of the topic in question.
      Kinda like “I never tasted caviar, but I don’t like it”.
      True professional attitude.

      • Jon c says:

        You’re tryin to sell a product. Your product looks like shit. Why would anyone want to find out if it tastes as bad as it smells?

        • Panteao says:

          Jon c – if you don’t agree with the content of a video so be it. You have a right to your opinion. Saying the product looks like shit is simple ignorance talking. You are referring to a video that is over 3 1/2 hours long that you have not seen. You simply watched a trailer that contains a minute of content extracted from the various chapters.

          I think people need to lighten up. If you don’t like the content or the instructor, don’t watch the video. That solves your issue and life goes on. For those with an open mind that want to see what techniques are taught and what techniques are reviewed in the video, then great. We have a video you will like.

          • Jon C. says:

            Tell me again why you would show a guy with a rifle tucked into the crook of his arm firing blindly without explaining the context and expect people to not call bullshit?

          • Panteao says:

            Maybe it’s because we give people more credit than that and assume they are bright enough to realize that they are watching a trailer that cannot in a minute explain everything they are seeing. Maybe watching the video so that you know what you are talking about is the answer. Or not watching the video and having nothing to say. That’s another option. We have produced 31 instructional videos and 3 documentaries to date with more being filmed throughout the rest of 2012. If someone is shocked by a few seconds from our trailer or takes offense by it – my advice is to lighten up, step away from the computer, and move on to something else that may frustrate you.

          • Jon C. says:

            I’m not shocked or offended, it just seems that you’d want to put your best foot forward with your material. If all you show me is what appears to be a safety and tactical clusterfuck I assume you’re bright enough as a producer to know that’s what it looks like. I’m sure one less customer won’t break the bank, I’ll skip this one.

  7. jim d says:

    Couldn’t agree more with Larry. Glamorizing irresponsible and unsafe weapon handling for the sake of chasing sales and attention is nothing but a dis-service to the shooting community as a whole. Instructional videos should preach safe TTPs, not showcase flashy useless crap that benefits no-one.

  8. Jason says:

    I went back and re-watched some of the older Panteao trailers. Even in Travis Haley’s trailers, there wasn’t ridiculous over the top stuff like this (and he’s known for being portrayed as the “tacticool” guy, even though his methods are sound).

    If you didn’t see it fit to hype up their trailers, I’m not sure why this one is so over the top. It’s not needed and isn’t sending a good message.

    I’m sure Sonny’s video is very instructional and has good information in it but there was no need to pick and choose those particular clips and mash them together in this trailer.

  9. Jon c says:

    When I saw the trailer for Batman, I wanted to go watch Batman.

    When I saw the trailer for The Avengers, I wanted to go watch The Avengers.

    Cause that’s how trailers work right? Designed to make you WANT to watch a movie, right?

    When I watch the trailer for this video, I just see one more reason we won the Cold War.

  10. HalP says:

    Trailers take EVERYTHING out of context. ‘look before you leap applies here. Sure firing two weapons in as many directions isn’t “safe” but it is not inherently criminal behaivior. Of course, you have to understand that I hate TV and movie trailers – they give me false and twisted expectations!

    That being said the Sov..err Russians have differences in their weapons training, safety, and maniuplation. I’m curious about Puzikas methodology and reasoning behind it.

  11. Lobo103 says:

    I tend to agree with the other posters on this. I think that showing that particular technique in the trailer sans context is a real mistake. I guarantee you some knucklehead will be out on the range this weekend trying to duplicate that feat (again without the benifit of context).

    Panteao and Mr. Puzikas both have a great reputation and I whole heartedly welcome differing training methodolgies and techniques. That said I feel that very small portion of this trailer was not a good thing to have included.

  12. Metalhead2508 says:

    You guys need to get the sand out of your vagina’s.

    • Panteao says:

      That’s a great idea. We can include a tube of Vagisil with the DVD for the sensitive folks out there. 😉

      • Jordan says:

        Metalhead and Panteo – the ones criticizing the trailer realize that the implications of what is being shown are much greater than you realized. They were trying to help you. It has nothing to do with people needing to “lighten up” or being “sensitive” and everything to do with a poorly executed trailer showing very questionable things. Perhaps if you can subdue the arrogance for a moment and take a hard look at what you are being told and by whom, you will realize they are right and are most definitely not the ones that need to lighten up.

      • jim d says:

        Panteao/ Fernando, if you think it’s a good idea to sell instructional videos where you have a guy in a 60 minute “instructional” video shooting live ammo over his shoulder “cause this one time, this one guy thought this was a good idea”, then you sensationalize it in some flashy teaser… then I refuse to purchase any of your DVD’s from any of your instructors.

        Trying to defend this marketing stunt is like putting on golf cleats before you step on your dick. Be a man, admit that it’s inappropriate, and move on.

        I was incredibly disappointed with the production quality of the videos that I’d seen already, but it looks like the content has taken a nose-dive, also.

  13. TM says:

    I’ve been a fan of Panteao. I’m even an online subscriber. But that’s a pretty bush league promo. And suggesting that guys like LAV have vaginas because they recognize when someone isnt being accountable for where there rounds are going doesn’t make me too proud to be a subscriber at the moment.

  14. Sonny may be a great instructor and the activity in the trailer may all be spelled out crystal clear in the DVD but bottom line the trailer depicting launching rounds in a direction with absolutely zero situational awareness is wrong- period. Its that simple. Sonny is not from this country but if he is here taking advantage of the firearms freedoms that our forefathers fought so hard for and that we continue to fight for today he needs to be held accountable for something that is putting combat marksmanship is a bad light light- this video clip unquestionably does that.
    The right thing to do at this point is edit the teaser to remove any obviously unsafe gun handling and leave that piece to the video. Done deal.

  15. George says:

    Really, Panteao Productions, really?! I’m so far from HSLD, that I don’t even know what those letters mean. But come on guys, this is just silly. Trailers are a commercial for a product. They aren’t supposed to be out of context, they are supposed to illustrate the product. You aren’t trying to scare folks away, you are trying to get folks closer so they want to see more.

    I’m sure that Mr Puzikas is a skilled and capable shooter who’s used the AK platform extensively. But based on the context of the trailer ALONE, he doesn’t appear to be someone I would seek out for training. Even taking the blind fire/elbow crook technique OUT, he continued to address a target with a stoppage with his handgun. I don’t see anything that remotely looks like hearing protection. He and another guy are pointing firearms AT EACH OTHER in the trailer, not to mention the number of times the camera guys were flagged.

    You’d have done better using the parking lot shootout scene from Sinners and Saints as the promo trailer. Never mind that the producer of this video is suggesting that his customers need ‘vagisil’.

  16. jumpthestack says:

    I am a Panteao fan and I have liked a number of their videos. But this trailer is really not making me want to check this one out, for the reasons mentioned by earlier posters.

  17. Al V says:

    As a film maker in the motion picture industry, I can’t believe that you would allow the camera man to film someone firing live ammo over their heads.
    .42 sec mark and .50 sec mark.
    As a producer, you have the responsibility of the safety of your cast and crew.
    I looked at the video repeatedly to see if blanks were used and I don’t think you did.

  18. Doug E. Doug says:

    It was said pretty aptly put early on; Panteao clarified that the clip was out of context, and that it was demonstrating how out-of-the-box thinking helped a soldier survive an extreme situation. However, in the format it is portrayed in the trailer, it appears indiscriminate operation of a weapon is the modus operandi of Mr. Puzikas – something I know beyond any reasonable doubt is not the case. Regardless, this ad hominem bullshit is unbecoming, and I had thought more of those involved in this internet moment.

    • Jordan says:

      Doug, I will direct you here:

      Please explain how pointing out that someone, on video, performing an unconventional Death Blossom, with no context whatsoever (other than that it’s an AK TRAINING VIDEO), is a fallacious attack on his/their character(s) and irrelevant to the logical, factual argument that what is shown is dangerous.

      Ad hominem is more akin to: “Why would Sonny perform that move? He hasn’t even seen The Last Starfighter.”

      It is unfortunate that you would think less of those guys for calling someone out on a mistake. They are Special Operations vets… their tone and use of language reflects their background, which is not unicorns and sparkles. Considering how sensitive the subject of weapons-anything is right now, they speak the truth.

      The LAV said it was irresponsible, that he was disappointed, and it should be corrected… Sonny aggressively retorted, sort of, and validated LAV’s point that we didn’t, in fact, know the full story of what we were seeing (exactly what this is all about)… Jon eloquently came to the defense… Panteao attacked back… LAV remained professional, polite and to the point… Panteao insulted vaginas everywhere.

      People’s egos and emotions are getting in the way of the original point. The trailer is showing something that, without context (and even with context), is no bueno and needs to be removed or it could potentially lead to bad, unforeseen consequences.

  19. Borebrush says:

    I have a paid subscription and will not be watching this crap.

    Panteao, this should be your come to Jesus moment. Knowing several of your other featured trainers, I am hard pressed to believe that ANY of them think its cool. Its a blatant safety violation, PERIOD. And is bullshit tactics. Precision fire with a pistol, instead of aimed rifle fire???? Dig up stupid.

    Just stop…

    • sig chaser says:

      Well said. I have delt with quite a few instructors some well known some not so well known but all would be appalled by this. Hopefully panteao will learn from this I have a subscription and enjoy it but if this starts to be the new direction I will ufortunately will no longer support them.

  20. Mohican says:

    IMHO and from my full ignorance this could be an example of cool vs. good.

    Fortunately there are a few choices when dealing with AK masters and DVDs so make your choice and dismissed those that don’t fit.

    Panteao is a great company and they are doing a big effort to release as many DVDs as they can. I think they are not the masters or viewers so they strive for good quality audio and video production and it’s the viewer and master who has to assess the content.

    Having the chance to choose among a lot of DVDs is a big advantage and that’s a chance just because of Panteao crew, so I am very grateful to them. I have watched a few videos from them and I find one more interesting than other but quality is always top notch, so I have no complains about that. I take what I think it fits and dismiss what I think it doesn’t.

    I think it would be fair to give this DVD a chance before assessing its content. Panteao offers the option to watch online for a cheap monthly subscription and I guess this DVD will be available online. Then you will have the chance to argue knowing all the content.

    On the other hand, I agree your comments. I felt odd when I watched the trailer.

  21. Marc W says:

    That looks more the the Gong Show than a trailer for a firearms training video.

  22. UMBRA says:

    The following rebuttals do not express the views or opinions of Panteao Prodcutions. I have been allowed the privilege over the last couple years to participate and observe the production of many of the “Make Ready” series of videos and have watched the rough cut of the Puzikas video from a law enforcement aspect and as such can comment on the following not based on hearsay, speculation or rumor but on empirical evidence gathered first hand. So, on that note, here we go.

    First of all, let me begin with Mr. Vickers

    Your comparison of Mr. Puzikas’ reenacting an event that actually took place saving the life of a Russian soldier under extreme circumstances and the Colorado shootings is at best a leap of the imagination that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. In other words Mr. Vickers, you are grasping at straws.

    Mr. Puzikas did not demonstrate this in a movie theatre full of people and he did not demonstrate this in an auditorium full of children. What Mr. Puzikas did do was demonstrate this on a CLOSED SET with proper berms and filmed by professionals with decades of experience in covering live-fire events not only in training scenarios, but in real-life situations as well.

    Oh, and by the way, thank you for pointing out that Sonny is not from this country, as if that has anything to do with the price of tea in China. Seriously, Mr. Vickers? Sonny is here “taking advantage of firearms freedoms” and he needs to be “held accountable for something that is putting combat marksmanship in a bad light”? How about you take a long look at TV shows such as “Sons of Guns” and “American Guns” and see where the real damage is being done…by people from THIS country!

    I don’t know much about what the chain of command at Panteao Productions may be like but I’m pretty sure that you, Mr. Vickers, are NOT part of the creative, marketing or approval process. So on that alone I would urge you to worry about what your shop is doing as opposed to meddling in other people’s business.

    Mr. Vickers, I understand that you are not a big fan of instructors the likes of Sonny Puzikas, Travis Haley, Kyle Lamb and Pat Rogers so the green-eyed monster rearing its ugly head makes absolute sense to me as to why you’d write something along these lines without first edifying yourself about the subject matter and in all honesty, given your background and achievements, it is not very becoming of you. Quite frankly, I find your behavior quite sophomoric and disappointing.

    This brings me to Jon c…God Bless your pointy little head. “The product looks like shit”? Really Jon c?

    Is that the best you can do? Panteao is correct in their reply citing your ignorance. Try re-reading the post at 13:59 again. If you have trouble understanding it the second time around, ask around and maybe one of your friends can sound it out for you.

    And I will give you 100% credit for a good decision when you make one…you should definitely skip this one, it’s kind of technical so it might give you migraines trying to understand the concepts presented.

    Listen Jonc, just between us boys…I understand what it is like to be a groupie and I get that Mr. Vickers is your hero and you are entranced and awed by his mere presence but, you might want to give independent thought a try, it’s quite refreshing to come up with your own personal ideas.

    Which brings me to George.

    You are completely incorrect when it comes to trailers. Look at ANY movie trailer and you will see scenes that are taken completely out of context if for nothing more than drumming up interest in the film. As a matter of fact, some trailers are actually better than the movies they portray because they take the best scenes, cut them to music and make a killer trailer that the movie cannot live up to later.

    As for the hearing protection…100% correct on that one and it is explained by Mr. Puzikas in the video that he has pretty much lost most of his hearing from actual combat and does not use it on the range. This is NOT a Panteao condoned practice, it is an instructor issue and he adamantly states repeatedly in the video that you are to use proper eye and ear pro.

    Again, I cite “American Guns” where in the opening sequence of EVERY episode, Rich Wyatt, the owner is shown shooting a 1911 without ear or eye pro all the while cringing when he pulls the trigger.

    And yes again, your powers of observation are quite astute. He and another guy do indeed point firearms (that have been checked and cleared multiple times in the video) at each other. I am not going to give the reason away here, you’ll have to watch it if you want to continue to critique it but let me assure you, the reasons are valid and make for intense training. And as far as flagging cameramen, you cannot speak to that because you do not know if those cameras were manned, locked off or remotely operated.

    Now we have our self-proclaimed film maker, Al V.

    Without your CV all I can assume is you own a Handy Cam and know how to use Final Cut. It seems like that is all that is necessary to become a “film maker” nowadays.

    You did not have to go through all the trouble of “looking repeatedly” to see if blanks were used, all you had to do was come on here and instead of wasting time criticizing, you could have just as easily posted the question and I’m sure, knowing the folks at Panteao that you would have gotten the following response: Panteao does NOT, I repeat, does NOT use blanks.

    This is real world training and every safety precaution is taken into consideration before any camera is rolled or any gun is fired so please, don’t patronize the producer about how the videos are shot. You make your little movies and let them make theirs.

    • Jordan says:

      Wow, this is really getting out of hand. UMBRA, you are so far off-base it made me cringe to read your response. What’s up with the personal attacks? Refer to my previous comment on ad hominem. You’re going after the people, not the argument.

      First, Vickers NEVER ONCE compared the Death Blossom to what happened during the actual shooting in Colorado. What he was saying is that the media is busting their nuts on everything gun-related because of what happened in Colorado and the trailer displays questionable weapon handling that can be used as ammunition (pun intended) for an argument against guns. He was saying something like it’s a bad idea to make a trailer for a pilot’s license training video that has scene with a plane flying into a skyscraper… a week after 9/11. Read his first post again.

      The issue is not that he performed the death blossom, but that is in the TRAILER FOR AN AK INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO AND LACKS CONTEXT. The post that Panteao made at 13:59 giving background on the scene in question is proof in itself that the SCENE NEEDS CONTEXT TO BE UNDERSTOOD. Not everyone who sees the trailer reads SSD and will see Panteao’s explanation above. Again, that is why Vickers, Jon C, BB, and others are agreeing that the scene should be removed from the trailer.

      Sons of Guns and American Guns are combat marksmanship training shows? When did that happen? Again, pointless and irrelevant to the initial argument.

      Comparing the content in trailers for Hollywood movies and firearms instructional videos is ridiculous. Last time I checked, Hollywood didn’t make money by selling itself as reputable firearms training company. I don’t recall any previous Panteao trailers having giant, transforming robots or pale-skinned teenage vampire romance. Again, pointless and irrelevant.

      Al V was also just adding his concern over what he saw in the trailer. You said, “And as far as flagging cameramen, you cannot speak to that because you do not know if those cameras were manned, locked off or remotely operated.” This is EXACTLY THE ORIGINAL POINT – we DON’T know exactly what we are seeing because some things require context or explanation that is not provided in the short trailer. This has been the issue from the start.

      Personal attacks, flawed arguments, and arrogance are getting you nowhere. This needless resistance to VALID criticism and input is not going to do any good.

  23. DesCorpus says:

    intending to watch… as a good educational contrast to what is out there. and maybe to see how much debunking one could do with regards to the instructors training concepts.

  24. GOF says:

    This trailer and comment section represents everything that is wrong with the shooting industry. What a joke.

  25. AKo says:

    I think a large part of the concern here is the fact that there is so much media attention presently focused on guns and gun control (especially given recent events), the possibility of anti-firearm people/groups seeing this trailer (out of context as many of us have) and using it to strengthen their anti-gun cause is strong given how unsafe the actions in the video appear (again, out of context).

    Another key point is the fact that when I watch MOVIE trailers, I’m watching it with the understanding that more than likely what I’m watching is fictional and most probably, unrealistic. However, when I watch a trailer for a training video, I am going in with the impression that what is shown is part of the instruction that would be taught. Granted all this is based on assumptions, but when a trailer is all you have to watch, that’s all you have to go on.

    Lastly, there’s the fact that a lot of people will buy a $50 DVD but won’t spring the coin for classes. Which is fine. That’s their prerogative. What concerns me is the remainder of the demographic that won’t even buy a DVD and base some/all their weapon manipulation on the few snippets of info they see in training video trailers. While that is certainly darwin award worthy. it happens. Which is why out of context or not, it’s always (IMO) imperative to represent safe gun handling especially in trailers. I’m sure there was plenty of exciting content/gun kata shot over the course of that video that would have worked well for a trailer and not attract such scrutiny from the shooting community.

  26. BigC3031 says:

    While I am no expert on the AK platform or a former Green Beret; I am a professional business consultant and can tell you right now that the replies posted by the Panteo crew are unacceptable from a customers perspective. When given negative feedback you need to swallow your pride and thank them for taking the time to comment. If you choose to ignore what your customers are saying or call them names it’s usually best done in private.

    As to the trailer, this customer does not appreciate the disregard for safety and will be voting with my dollar.

  27. Anthony says:

    Several posters in defense of this video cannot see things from a factual perspective.

    The point in that several aspects of the video, specifically the Death Blossom, are unsafe. They were unsafe when the Russian soldier did it combat, but the situation demanded agression and desperation. Showing it without context is gimmicky at best. Yeah, I saw it and thought “whoa, what the hell?”

    The next thing I thought is “I hope no one actually tries that”.

    Fernando, bro, you lost some of your audience on this one. It may be worth it to you, but you can only do that so many times before people stop listening.

    Larry and Jon both are trying to help you understand that, but an emotional curtain seems to be blinding you. Listen to Larry: Take this out of the trailer and you are back on track. Leave it in and we will be waiting for the next gimmick, not the next video.

  28. Panteao says:

    Been on the road today and I see that this has spiraled way out of control. It has even carried over onto one of the forums by the same folks. Since that is the case, I will post here what I posted there…

    There is no arrogance at Panteao Productions. We are filming instructional videos with instructors that offer different techniques and styles. We do not tell them what to teach. They teach in the video(s) what they have been teaching all along in classes. When it comes to the video with Sonny Puzikas there is no difference.

    If someone doesn’t agree with the techniques he teaches, then so be it. We are not here to say one instructor is better than the other. That’s why you will find different instructors teaching pistol, AR/M4, and even the AK platform.

    The subject matter covered in the video with Sonny may not be liked by some. What he teaches is definitely not conventional by the standards here in the US. If you don’t like the content of his video trailer, then you probably won’t like the rest of the video. That is a risk we take with every instructor we film. Arrogance? No, not at all. We are actually doing the best we can to present folks like you with training material that you normally would have to go to a class to see. Again, if you see a technique from one of our videos that you don’t like, that happens. Don’t shoot the messenger as the saying goes.

    The other reality of life in the tactical community is the huge egos involved. Among the A type personalities you end up finding situations where instructor A hates instructor C and instructor B dislikes instructor A. Such is life. I have watched that happen for many years and there is nothing that can be done about that. Unfortunately there are agendas out there and sometimes some of these A type personalities use the online bulletin boards as the place to promote or push their agenda. At Panteao we have no agenda. I personally don’t care which instructor is PNG from the Unit or doesn’t get along with another instructor. All we are doing is putting out instructional videos to further help train the folks that want the training. We currently have 16 instructors filmed and more coming. Are we rushing titles out there? Never. We spend way too much time in the edit process to make sure the content is presented correctly and that each and every instructor signs off on the content. Yes we have many video titles in the works, but that is by default because of the amount of instructors we are filming and the different titles they are teaching.

    I agree that things got way out of hand at the Soldier Systems site. Everyone has an opinion. I’ve known “LAV” for quite a while now and worked on getting his tactical gloves on the market and even consulted him on the launch of his Vickers Tactical endeavor. He has a right to his opinion as does everyone else. But just because Larry takes a position does not mean now Panteao must act accordingly based on his views. Forget the fact that he is not a fan of what Sonny Puzikas teaches. Again, there are always personal agendas involved. If you think there aren’t then you are sadly mistaken. I personally do not care for those agendas. I had to deal with them when I was designing tactical clothing and the different instructors could not manage to get along with each other.

    If you want to criticize the production value of our videos or the camera angles we use, then please do so. I want to hear them. If you don’t care for a technique taught by an instructor, then take that up with that instructor.

    I think more than enough has been said on this topic. I need to get back to the shoot we have this weekend. I think you’ll like the new Dave Harrington video that we are working on.


    • Jordan says:

      The arrogance lies within the previous replies that were not signed “Fernando,” not in the trailer itself.

      Whomever was posting under the Panteao name made it a point to go on the attack rather than acknowledge the criticism/comments.

  29. It has come to my attention that a select few see this as an attack against Sonny or Pantaeo Productions by me personally; that is not the case at all

    I’ve never met Sonny and have no issues with Panteao – I have known Fernando for a long time; that is what surprised me about this whole issue. Bottomline the teaser had a safety error in it and should be edited; no harm -no foul. Once that is done then case closed.

    • SSD says:

      I was on vacation and didn’t realize how far off course this thread had become. We’ve heard from Panteao on the matter and even LAV has set his position straight with everyone. At this point, I think it best to close the thread.