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Kitanica Releases Mountain Shorts

Specialty clothing maker Kitanica has released their new Mountain Shorts. Featuring an over the knee design they are intended for outdoor pursuits and are laden with features.


Available in Black and MultiCam in 2″ size increments from 32 to 40. Due to the variable waist adjustment these accommodate waists better than traditional sizing.


17 Responses to “Kitanica Releases Mountain Shorts”

  1. Travis says:

    Multicam capris! My wife will love these.

  2. Yessir says:

    ^ BAH!

  3. B says:

    Calling them “Mountain Shorts” doesn’t mean they still aren’t Man-Capris

    • SSD says:

      What can you say? I guess board shorts are manpris too.

      • Riceball says:

        I think that these “shorts” are more than a bit too narrow in the leg to be considered board shorts; when I think of board shorts I think of something that has much baggier, more open legs than these.

  4. Sgt Photo says:

    Super cool, super expensive. Wouldn’t mind owning a pair or two.

  5. maresdesign says:

    Capris for Men = Ca-Bro’s

  6. DGR says:

    Who buys over the knee shorts? If you want to cover the knees buy a pair of pants….. Chop em off above the double reinforced knee (that will be pointless if you actually need to kneel) and then id be interested. There is a word for guys who buy capris, and it definetly is not manly.

  7. orlando gomez says:

    1/4 less legs and only $10 less than the pants? Just can’t bring myself to wear capris. Love their stuff though

  8. John Wayne says:

    These are going to be standard issue in Obama’s ask and tell armed services. These guys are just getting ahead of the game.

  9. Giovani says:

    I think I’ll get a pair, but have them modified to be just a tad shorter. I love my Range shorts, but they could do with some additional length.

  10. FLC says:

    Knickers! A good set of long socks to these and they are a nice set up for certain environments.
    Too bad they dont make them in dark Tan.
    in Europe they called them called Salopes (Sp) I believe.
    In the Latok ( Jeff lowe) line from the 80’s. there was an attemp to revise it.
    Very retro….

    • Crate Kicker says:

      What ever you do, don’t look up Salopes, unless your into pron.

      But I did think of plus fours when I say these…

  11. SGT Rock says:

    ^ You guys are all full of fail as they’re clamdiggers, not capris.

  12. Joshua Respecki says:

    You can go un noticed while in Europe wearing these. Euro ‘guys’ love capris

  13. WB says:

    I believe the word you’re looking for is “Man-pri”. We wear them alot in skydiving (“swoop pants”) and rock climbing. Less heat than pants, but more abrasion protection. Usually we just grab a pair of pants and cut&hem them.

  14. Buckaroomedic says:

    Gonna have to get a pair! These will blend right in over here in Germany.