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Spartan Village Mid Ride Holster


The days of full on drop leg rigs are over. Rather, Many shooters come up with various ways to modify their holsters so that they ride in a mid position, below the belt line. Spartan Village recognizes this and has developed a dedicated solution in their Mid Ride Holster. Their holster allows the proper clearance needed when the shooter is wearing a plate carrier, chest rig, or tactical vest that has pouches or other gear mounted above where their holster would usually sit. But, they also realize that this lower ride means some movement so they’ve also incorporated a leg strap.


The lower ride height allows for a proper and confident draw without the worry of other gear getting in the way. The Spartan Village Mid Ride Holster is also available in weapon mounted light configurations supporting the more widely used weapon lights such as the Surefire X300 and Streamlight TLR-1. Check the site for specific models available.



12 Responses to “Spartan Village Mid Ride Holster”

  1. Reseremb says:

    Sorry for using the comments for asking, but anybody knows of a Kydex holster maker who have holsters for Walther P99 pre-2004?

    • Machina says:

      If all else fails you could try to buy some krydex plates and make one yourself

      • Reseremb says:

        Because I can make decent (not pretty) gear for myself, but with a sewing machine. I have zero experience with Kydex and don’t want to ruin a friend’s gun, also I want him to change from his actual Cordura IWB holster to a Kydex holster as soon as possible, a guy in his same department had a ND two days ago with the same gun and holster (P99 is issued for them).

        • SSD says:

          Ask around. Generally, if a Kydex producer has access to a gun to use as a mold, they’ll build it for you.

          • Reseremb says:

            I’m already did that with ninve kydex producers, waiting from some of them, others confirmed they didn’t have a model to try… that’s the bad luck of having a gun not as populars as Glocks or Berettas. Damn, is even easier to find someone with a USP Compact (standar to thousands of LE and soldiers here in Spain) but pre-2004 P99s are like unobtanium… 🙁

        • Kaos1213 says:

          What differs in the pre-2004 model compared to the modern version?

    • SSD says:

      That’s a good question

      • Ex-St. Paul Resident says:

        IIRC the contours of the slide, rail, and maybe the trigger guard are a bit different prior to S&W. That could just be an American thing though too, I’m not sure.

    • Kaos1213 says:

      I have a mold for the Walther p99, and can do a holster for you. Send an email to: kaoskydexsolutions@yahoo.com if you’re interested. Thanks

  2. Machina says:

    Why not making your own?

  3. Travis says:

    I use a OSOE gear drop knife extender on my kydex belt holster and let it hang. It has some flop, but that freedom makes dynamic movement much easier. Most important is that it clears my ruck belt.