SOTech Introduces a Custom Scabbard for Snipers – The Fat Magnum

The new SOTech Sniper Scabbard (AKA the Fat Magnum) was designed as a modular weapon carry system which can be built up or down depending on mission requirements and the needs of the Sniper. SOTech first introduced Sniper systems in 2002 with Las Vegas metro PD SWAT and this is the latest evolution of the rifle scabbard design. They invested three years of development to get it into its current configuration and is currently undergoing evaluation in the hands of both Allied and US Snipers.

The first challenge was to work out the physics associated with stabilizing a top heavy load, in a fluid environment. For example, horizontal, vertical, and rotational torque all needed to be neutralized. Not only did SOTech succeed in doing this, they found a way for the Sniper to have the option of running his weapon barrel up, down, or in a folded configuration. They, they found a way to carry the load along with a very large pack, or to run with the system with only the scabbard and rifle making it the first totally modular system on the market.

Specifically, the Sniper Scabbard was developed in improve upon existing carry solutions that have these consistent issues.

1- Lack of stability when moving
2- All or nothing design which does not allow end user configuration
3- You can only carry your rifle barrel down

SOTech knew they could address these issues in an innovative and unique manner, and deliver a product which a Sniper wants in combat.

With SOTech’s system you are able to build it up or down depending on your mission, weight requirements, and time on target. It was designed by a Sniper, with input from former and current operators, who understand what you need and what it takes to complete the mission. SOTech started this project with durability and dependability being the primary factors, then focused on redundancy and making sure this was the best product they could develop. All components are American Made, Berry Compliant, and were all assembled and configure in Carson, California, just south of Los Angeles.

This is a proprietary design protected by patent, and we can not show the interior key design elements as they are restricted to actual customers only, not the general public.

Finally, it’s important to note, a portion of each scabbard sale will go to both and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.


2 Responses to “SOTech Introduces a Custom Scabbard for Snipers – The Fat Magnum”

  1. Ryan Peck says:

    Looks like a great designed, well thought out product, defiantly gonna have to put on my wish list

  2. Frank Cessna says:

    I prefer the EBERLESTOCK TACTICAL. They have three versions to choose from. Much better design