Strike – Hold! Covers The Jerven Fjellduken

Norway’s Jerven Fjellduken has been described elsewhere as a “space blanket on steroids.” Strike-Hold! recently published a write up on the Mountain Tarp which is constructed from a non-breathable, aluminum-lined water and wind-proof material. Available in 5 different models, it can be used as a shelter or sleeping bag.

The coolest thing about the Fjellduken is its specialized camo pattern. As you can see, it’s well suited to Norway’s mountainous terrain.

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5 Responses to “Strike – Hold! Covers The Jerven Fjellduken”

  1. Kenny says:

    Finally the Fjellduken gets some international exposure! It is truly a useful multipurpose item. I’ve used mine as a second sleeping bag, to complement a ground pad, and as a cloak. Jerven is using Primaloft now so the new models are lighter and more compact, which helps address the only main problems with them.

  2. Lasse says:

    If you do not love your Jerven, you’ve never been cold.

    • Bushman says:

      I’d say not “cold” but “wet”. Anybody who don’t like it, should go visit Bergsdalen area mountains (just thirty minutes by car or train from Bergen, Norway) in June. The only ways to stay dry is to wear commercial-grade fisherman PVC outerwear or to wrap yourself in Fjellduken.

  3. Strike-Hold says:

    Thank you Eric.

    Cheers Kenny.

    Hat tip to Jonas for reminding me of this great product.

    – Lawrence

  4. Canadian says:

    Used it plenty. Not a fan at all. Spend some money and buy a bivvy bag made of proper Gore-Tex. Or get a milspec US Army Poncho if you need an emergency carry item. The fjellduken is very fragile, and if you use it as a sleeping bag it gets completely soaked from condensation. In fact the Norwegian Army TTP is that after 24-48 hrs use (one to two nights max), soldiers are supposed to be allowed to dry out their sleeping bags fully as they get so wet. The camouflage pattern is alright, but it also does not have enough grommets to make a really sturdy one man shelter. There are no grommets in the middle so it is almost completely flat, and gets full of snow or rain in the centre. Not worth carrying at all now that I think about it.