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Team Wendy EXFIL Carbon Fiber Helmet in Stock Now at GSS Gear

During SOFIC we told you about the new Tactical Bump Helmet from Team Wendy. It’s since been renamed the EXFIL Carbon Fiber Helmet. Whats even better, it’s just hit the market and it’s available NOW in both Tan and Black from GSS Gear.


It’s the same helmet we showed during SOFIC with one major addition. It now incorporates a new Wilcox Industries NVG mount designed specifically for the EXFIL. It’s an injection molded shroud with a machined aluminum mounting mechanism to lower weight.


The EXFIL incorporates the Boa lacing system found on boots. It offers a custom fit and ease of use. In fact, we’ve been working with it and it’s amazing how many different head sizes it’s been able accommodate, everything from an 8 year old to Fanboy’s big melon.


It features an entirely new suspension/padding system that minimizes the use of foam. Instead the energy is dissipated through a combination of a crown sling and buckling zones. In fact, this helmet’s liner technology was developed specifically in support of Natick’s Heads Up program.

Price is $560.00 with Picatinny rail sections and the new Wilcox NVG mount. It’s so new, it’s not even on their site yet so if you want to pick one up by emailing proshop@gssgear.com or call 757-227-6757.

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17 Responses to “Team Wendy EXFIL Carbon Fiber Helmet in Stock Now at GSS Gear”

  1. TCBA_Joe says:

    Hopefully they release an injection molded version to compete price wise with the FAST Basejump, vs competing with the carbon fiber FAST Bump.

    • Riceball says:

      Are you referring to this specific helmet because the article states that the helmet is injection molded.

  2. Dan says:

    The shroud is injection moulded, not the helmet.

  3. Kope says:

    Is there a ballistic rating?

  4. Albertus says:

    the “assulter” in the video has his Peltors backwards.

    • Carlo says:

      There isn’t a wrong way to wear Peltors if the mics are facing foward or backward. I would think its circumstantially driven.

      For instance, I like to wear mine like that when I’m at the local indoor range. When shooting at a commercial indoor range, there shouldn’t be anyone forward of the firing line. This means I turn my Peltors facing to the rear so I can hear what’s going on behind me. When taking an instructional course where folks are demonstrating certain shooting drills, ill have my headset facing forwards so I can hear the instructor.

      • Raptor says:

        Dude, come on. Peltors are pretty much omni directional and your hearing is electronically tweaked no matter what direction they are facing. The difference in which side the mic is on makes a very small difference, negligible from what I’ve seen.

        Albertus is quite right; In the video, he is wearing a headset with a right-side boom mike (so its for a leftie) backwards, and the boom mic is twisted right back around the ear cup so its on the left of his cheek. It was the first thing I noticed because it looks like a total shit sandwich, and if he keeps wearing it like that he’ll overstrain and then break the boom, simple as that.

        It was just an obvious error to anyone who wears headsets. If its a mistake, no big deal. If he wears it like this all the time, all I’d say is good luck to him.

        Anyway, point is the helmet looks like a good alternative to the Protec, so I’d be interested in user feedback once it starts coming through.

        And Mayflower rocks!

  5. Chris says:

    Just an FYI… The assaulter happens to be a former member of SEAL TEAM 3. Those guys adjust and wear gear tailored to their specific purpose/liking.

    • Albertus says:

      Don’t we all?
      I guess he’s just not using the mike… Shoot, Move and non-Communicate? 😉

  6. Jason says:

    I just think it’s funny that they photoshopped in his rifle’s firing and the explosions. No shells coming out and no recoil?

    Anyway, it does look like a nice helmet. Ops core’s are hard to get now so this seems like a good option.

  7. Mayflower Research & Consulting says:

    I’m digging the Mayflower APC he is wearing! Nice helmet too!