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Maneuver Conference – Inforce


Inforce is displaying their new pistol light. Look for full details VERY soon here on SSD.



7 Responses to “Maneuver Conference – Inforce”

  1. jellydonut says:


    They would do well to fill the niche Surefire refuses to fill with a slimline, single-CR123 light.

    Dunno what happened to their single-cell X300. 🙁

    • Kaos Kydex says:

      I have been told directly from Surefire that the compact x300 has been indefinitely shelved. I was very bummed, but the inforce shows alot of promise.

  2. INFORCE says:

    Jelly D

    It’s a single cell 🙂

    • jellydonut says:

      It is? Well, in that case, at least from this photo, it looks a bit pudgy! Surefire’s X300 ‘mini’ concept was slimmer.. x:

    • Kaos Kydex says:

      for the most important question….Will it fit an HK45C?

  3. .308 says:

    I hope this will fit most common duty/tactical holsters??

  4. browcs says:

    Soldier Systems, thanks for posting this announcement. Much appreciate the development of this light. We look forward to hearing more about it when details are available.