Kili Climbing is a new business venture for Chris Kopp who founded CTOMS after retiring as a PJ from the Canadian military. Chris is an avid climber and he’s been working on developing Kili-Climbing for about a year now.

Chris gave us the low down on this new undertaking…”While CTOMS remains my main focus, Kili-Climbing is my pet project. As some know, I dabble in climbing so when my friend approached me to be his business partner in a new venture, it was hard to say no. It is an African, specifically Tanzanian climbing and safari company offering climbs on Kilimanjaro, Meru and Ol Doinyo Lengai as well as safari and diving packages. We arrange the bookings from North America and my business partner manages operations on the ground in Tanzania. Being retired military, catering to that demographic is something important to me from the perspective of adventure training and high altitude familiarization training for operational applications as well as facilitating wounded veterans climbs. What we don’t offer is cookie cutter packages, but rather custom tailored ones where we can plan and book as little or as much as the clients desires. This includes fully supported climbs and trips, or facilitating self-supported climbs that meet the minimal legal guide requirements.

All-in-all it sounds like a great way for our kinds of folks to arrange a climbing trip to Africa.

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