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Applied Orange – High Performance Combat Sock Summer

Dutch combat clothing producer Applied Orange has introduced their new High Performance Combat Sock Summer. They are made from a blend of Cordura, CoolMax and Silver Nanoparticles to control fungal growth.

About a month ago, they sent me a pair and I have worn them several times. They worked as advertised and I didn’t notice any hot spots in a variety of footwear. Granted, I didn’t wear them with new boots, and the ones that I did wear were well broken in, but I can tell that you aren’t going to run into any issues with these.

Up front I’ll tell you that I was a bit put off by the knee high design. Additionally, I’m used to socks with a thicker nap. However, there are explanations for both of these features. According to AO, both British and Dutch troops like to turn the tops down over the tops of their boots. Fair enough. It’s a different style than I’m used to. Additionally, the thin sock will dry much faster in the field. One of the issues with sock featuring thick naps is getting them to dry, particularly in a hot-wet environment.

Overall, I like them. They are intended as a hot weather sock and AO told me that they have a winter sock coming soon.

Available in four sizes, these are manufactured in the EU and are available from ao-store.com/high-performance-socks

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11 Responses to “Applied Orange – High Performance Combat Sock Summer”

  1. Hmm, I’ve been looking for a sock to use for an early spring GoRuck Challenge in Toronto. Do you think these would be a good option?

  2. I was on the lookout for a decent lightweight sock. On you recommendation I looked at these. At Euro17.70 I thought they are on the higher end compare to things like Smartwool but I was going to give them a go.

    However when I went to the shopping cart I was stunned to be asked for Euro13.30 postage a package. That’s over Euro30 for a pair of socks.

    If they are serious about selling online they are going to have to get to grip with their p&p costs.

    • Strike-Hold says:

      Sadly, it costs a lot to ship and import European goods into North America – and vice versa.

    • JM says:

      The US is a large market and I wouldn’t imagine they wouldnt want a piece of it..expect dealers and distributors to have them soon.

    • A-Neg says:

      Living in the Netherlands myself I can back the fact shipping is very expensive even with the regular postal system. It looks like they provide the shipping option with track and trace. I don’t blame them for doing this, better to be safe than to have issues with lost parcels.

      • I’m in the UK. Postage within the European union is quite cheap – certainly not Euro13.30 for a pair of socks.

        • AO says:

          A-Neg is right about the shipping. How ever the regular mail option simply wasn’t available yet as our store is brand new and still being updated.

          As of last friday there is an envelope option for up to 2 pairs of socks. Maximum shipping cost for worldwide transit are 5,70 euro.

          How ever it’s also possible to ship them Express with a tracking code.

  3. Ipkiss says:

    …Especially vice versa!

  4. Lionel says:

    The silver treatment works. It will keep sock from stinking longer. Socks are so often overlooked but they are an important piece of kit.