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Dutch SF Camo in Mali

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016


This photo depicts members of the Dutch SF contingent to Mali wearing the FR digital camouflage uniforms from FibroTex we showed you last month. You may also notice a G-Wagen being sling-loaded.

Dutch Army Adopts Netherlands Fractal Pattern Camouflage

Monday, October 27th, 2014

Yesterday, the Dutch Telegraph released a special edition of their newspaper, regarding the 200 year anniversary of the Dutch Army. Below, you can see a photo of the report which claims that the Dutch Army has adopted Netherlands Fractal Pattern (NFP) as their official new camouflage. The story does not mention the Dutch Royal Marines who continue to wear M81 Woodland camouflage. However, they may well make the transition to NFP as well. Although the article states that no one has been chosen to manufacture the uniforms yet, they will feature FR and insect repellant properties.


The article goes on to state that another feature of NFP, which took one-and-a-half years to develop by a collaborative effort between TNO and Dutch MoD, is that it’s recognizable. Ben Vlasman, head of the Joint Soldier Systems Knowledge Centre (joint kenniscentrum militair & uitrusting), says it’s not just to camouflage, but also offers something recognizable for other troops and civilians.


NFP is currently offered in two variants; Green aka Woodland and Tan aka Arid. To develop the colorways, they sent soldiers to the area of operations with a camera and a color card in ordeer to determine the dominant colors in each area.

The article did not mention which pattern would be adopted for use with camouflage pattern for equipment such as plate carriers. What’s more, the Dutch Army must still determine a way ahead for armor (ie plate carrier or armor vest). Considering the current state of the art it is probable that the vest will be modular is probable. The article mentions two scenarios in particular; worn lightly for a patrol in the jungle, or worn heavily when at a roadblock.

Dutch NFP uniformsThanks Robert!

LEAFGEAR Launches New Site

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Dutch military outfitter LEAF Gear has overhauled their website, offering a completely new look.



Dutch SF to Sport New Uniforms for Mali Mission – UPDATED

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

We had to take this down a few weeks ago due to political considerations. Now, the Dutch government has made the announcement official.

Rumor has it that The Dutch SF will be wearing a new MultiCam uniform designed by NFM Group and made from TenCate Defender-M fabric. Ironically, this is the first time that Dutch uniforms will incorporate this FR fabric from Netherlands-based company TenCate. COBBS Industries will supply the Combat Clothing which includes Smock, Combat Pants and Combat Shirt.



Dutch Camo Update

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Last week in the village of Steenwijk, the Dutch joint Soldier Systems Knowledge Centre (joint kenniscentrum militair & uitrusting) presented a display of some of the latest camouflage work.

On display was an entirely new pattern which is intended for all personal equipment, regardless of the uniform being worn (NFP-woodland or NFP-tan) like the OCIE pattern of the US Army Camouflage Improvement Effort. The pattern is still awaiting final approval from the Commander of the Dutch Forces with fielding commencing around 2014/2015. This should also include a new set of equipment with a plate carrier as a base, instead of the cureent issue ops vest.

Dutch 1

Of particular interest was a trial uniform in Dutch DPM being worn by one of the Centre’s officers. It offers a different cut and pocket layout.

Dutch 2

Dutch Military Intends to Replace Current Machine Guns with New Models

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

The Dutch military intends to replace weapons in a class referred to as supporting small caliber weapons or kleinkaliberwapens (KKW) in Dutch, these are weapons below 20mm. Specifically, they are replacing both medium-weight (Middelzware ondersteunende KKW (MOW)) and (Zware ondersteunende KKW (ZOW)) heavy-weight machine guns commonly known as the FN MAG and Browning .50 because of age and rising maintenance costs. The currently issued weapons date back to the 1960s and have seen extensive use in the Afghanistan conflict.

They have stated a primary requirement of a medium-weight range up to 600m and heavy-weight up to 1200m. Because these are new weapons they will also be required to meet other specific requirements for use on vehicles or vessels such as coax mounting.

Photo – Royal Netherlands Army

The Dutch are looking at 2100 medium-weight guns along with 955 fast aiming sights and 280 NVD sights as well as 840 heavy-weight with 248 fast aiming sights and 575 NVD’s. These replacement numbers are not a one for one replacement but rather are in line with their current force structure.

It is noteworthy that they intend is to buy off-the-shelf. Since the whole project is targeted to stay under 100 million Euros the Defense Material Organisation (DMO) will be mandated to carry out this project. They currently plan to issue a tender in 2014 and be fully equipped by 2017.

“New” Dutch Camo on Deployment

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Last year we showed you a glimpse of a developmental Dutch camouflage pattern called Netherlands, Fractal Pattern Green (NFP Green). A photo recently turned up of members of the 104 Commandotroepencompagnie on a training trip to Israel wearing the pattern. However, as some of the unit members were also wearing the Dutch version of 3-Color Desert as well as MultiCam, it would seem that NFP still isn’t a dine deal.

Israel deployment
Photo – Korps Comandotroepen

To read more about the 104th’s training in Israel visit www.dutchdefencepress.com.

Thanks Ipkiss

Dutch Troops Get New Boots

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Over the next two years all Dutch Soldiers will receive new combat boots.

New Dutch Boots
Photo: Ministry of Defense

“With this new footwear we put another important step forward in the in order of the armed forces.” With these words, armed forces Commanding General Tom Middendorp handed the first pair to Sergeant 1st Class Johan de Jong at the der clothing company of Defence in Soesterberg.

New Dutch Boots
Photo: Ministry of Defense

Priority of fielding is to deployers. Consequently, the 45 men and women of Air Task Force 22, who head this month to Mazar-e-Sharif were issued first. The Dutch military has also instituted a new foot measuring device to ensure a proper fit as they issue these 2 new boots which are intended for use in Netherlands and North-Western and Central Europe. The first is a multifunctional combat boot for use in rocky and mountainous terrain and incorporates a waterproof, breathable lining for temperate to cold areas. The second boot features a moisture regulating lining intended for temperate and warm areas. Together, these two boots replace a single model that was supposed to be a jack of all trades. While no brand name or model was mentioned, it appears everybody initially will get 2 variant of Meindl boots; the Island MFS and another unnamed model for hot weather. Additionally, the boots are issued with 6 pair of socks matched to the performance of the boot.

They’ve also adopted other models, the so-called desert or jungle gevechtslaarzen, which are special issue to troops stationed or deploying to those areas.

Thanks Ipkiss