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Dutch Troops Get New Boots

Over the next two years all Dutch Soldiers will receive new combat boots.

New Dutch Boots
Photo: Ministry of Defense

“With this new footwear we put another important step forward in the in order of the armed forces.” With these words, armed forces Commanding General Tom Middendorp handed the first pair to Sergeant 1st Class Johan de Jong at the der clothing company of Defence in Soesterberg.

New Dutch Boots
Photo: Ministry of Defense

Priority of fielding is to deployers. Consequently, the 45 men and women of Air Task Force 22, who head this month to Mazar-e-Sharif were issued first. The Dutch military has also instituted a new foot measuring device to ensure a proper fit as they issue these 2 new boots which are intended for use in Netherlands and North-Western and Central Europe. The first is a multifunctional combat boot for use in rocky and mountainous terrain and incorporates a waterproof, breathable lining for temperate to cold areas. The second boot features a moisture regulating lining intended for temperate and warm areas. Together, these two boots replace a single model that was supposed to be a jack of all trades. While no brand name or model was mentioned, it appears everybody initially will get 2 variant of Meindl boots; the Island MFS and another unnamed model for hot weather. Additionally, the boots are issued with 6 pair of socks matched to the performance of the boot.

They’ve also adopted other models, the so-called desert or jungle gevechtslaarzen, which are special issue to troops stationed or deploying to those areas.

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6 Responses to “Dutch Troops Get New Boots”

  1. Richard says:

    Nice! Now do something about that 1970s DPM pattern camouflage.

  2. George_Rules says:

    The General looks like he is handing him the Medal of Honor, the SFC looks like he is thinking “come on dude, its just a pair of boots”.

  3. Ipkiss says:

    I believe a choice is still to be made for the Jungle and Desert boots, however we are quite satisfied with the half-high Meindl Safari mid.

    Because of budget reasons, fielding of the boots is spread out over 2 years.