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Damage Industries AK Rail System

Damage Industries has released a few details on their upcoming AK rail system.


Add-ons (not pictured) will include 7-slot accessory rail, 7-slot accessory rail with Quick-Detach socket, and cantilever optic rail that will not block use of standard fixed sights.

They also plan to offer variants for the RPK, Yugoslavian AK-47, and short-barreled Dracos and Krinks.

The rails will be hardcoat anodized in Black, FDE, OD Green and Hard Brown.


Also, be on the lookout for their new AK muzzle break. Both coming soon from


One Response to “Damage Industries AK Rail System”

  1. Mike says:

    I forsee legal issues with Ultimak.

    I also a lot of burned hands. I have the Ultimak gas tube on my AK and it gets extremely hot when shooting at a good pace. That aluminum hand guard bolted right to the aluminum gas tube is going to be worse than uncomfortable after a magazine or two.

    Also, would like to see an AK hand guard that goes out past the gas block. Not all of us are stuck in the ’90s, gripping our rifles by the magazine. Just sayin’. :p