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MDM – CTC Defense

CTC Defense offers a dual laser sighting system for the GLOCK full size and compact models.


Mounted on either side of the barrel, IR and Red visible lasers are controlled via buttons embedded in the grip, or alternatively via a SureFire X300 switch.


In addition to the alerts, the grip is also textured and doesn’t dramatically increase the profile of the weapon’s grip. In fact, normal grip pressure in the correct spot, will activate the laser.

It is powered by two 2032 camera batteries. One is enough to power the lasers with the second on board for backup. Expect it to last 5000 illuminations meaning frequent use will give you about 9 months of use. You’ll notice the laser begin to fade when a new battery is required so you won’t experience a total failure.

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2 Responses to “MDM – CTC Defense”

  1. TCBA_Joe says:

    So, where are my M&P9 fullsize and P229 IR laser grips?

  2. TM says:

    So I guess a high, thumbs forward grip doesn’t work so well?