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Colonial Shooting Academy

Luxury indoor ranges are beginning to catch on as Gun Culture 2.0 begins to take hold. Earlier this year, Richmond, Virginia became home of Colonial Shooting Academy, the largest indoor range in the US. Already, it’s garnered a 5 star rating from the National Shooting Sports Foundation and once you get a glimpse inside, you’ll see why.


A soon as you enter the facility you are greeted with a modern, well stocked gun store. Boasting 5000 sq ft of retail space, CSA offers a variety of firearms, both new and used, but also popular clothing, holster and firearms accessory brands.


All told CSA offers 50,000 sq ft of space, featuring three ranges open to the public as well as a private club area for members. Each range features a similar set up with individually controlled target carriages and .30 rated ballistic glass between positions to enhance safety. Additionally, whenever a range is active, CSA positions a Range Safety Officer on the range. VSA also requires shooters to watch a short range safety video to review the fundamentals prior to taking to the range regardless of whether they are renting a gun, or bringing their own.


Three roof mounted air handlers run full time on any active range, keeping a constant air flow and filtering out gun powder and airborne led. In fact, they do such a great job that CSA is able to sell lead for recycling.


The basement is a law enforcement training area that includes a tactical range as well as a full shoot house that is rated up to .30 ball. That’s right, ball, not frange. This area not only incorporates male and female locker rooms but also a private vehicle bay entrance and a small ready room.


In the event you get hungry, CSA has opened their doors to a great food vendor, Mosaic which offers both snacks as well as light meals.


CSA also offers in-house gun smithing and firearms training. If you ever needed a reason to visit Richmond, now you’ve got one.



3 Responses to “Colonial Shooting Academy”

  1. Farragut Jones says:

    Nice to see Colonial getting more good press. It really is a great facility—with a very helpful, no-attitude staff. Since it opened, I’m finding more excuses to visit my in-laws in Richmond; they’re already members there.

  2. Scott says:

    I live 5 minutes from here, and shoot hear at least once a week. Never been to a better range in my life.

  3. Scott says: