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Colonial Shooting Academy Announces Matt Jacques As Director Of Tactical Training

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

How You Train Matters. That’s Why Colonial Shooting Academy Is Happy To Welcome Matt Jacques To The Richmond, VA Team

Richmond, VA, June 19, 2018 – Colonial Shooting Academy has added a heavy-hitter to their tactical training division. Matt Jacques has been hired as Colonial Shooting Academy’s Director of Tactical Training, and has added a handful of new courses to their civilian course lineup. Matt is a retired Police Detective and Marine Corps veteran. Matt spent part of his military enlistment within HMX-1, The Presidential Helicopter Squadron, served within the Military Police MOS (Military Occupational Specialty), and after his military service, continued in civilian Law Enforcement.

Matt served with two Virginia Law Enforcement agencies and filled several billets. During his tenure, he served assignments as a Basic Academy Recruit Instructor, Field Training Officer, undercover detective within the Special Problems Unit, as well as a founding Special Deputy of the U.S. Marshal Capital Area Fugitive Task Force for the Washington D.C. U.S. Marshal’s Office.

Matt served several years on a large Northern Virginia Police Department SWAT team as an entry team member and later was selected and served as a Sniper team member until his retirement, due to a line of duty incident. After his retirement, Matt was hired as the Senior Manager of Weapons for FNH USA. He was involved in the FN SPR Precision Rifle program; FN Belt fed Weapons section and the SOCOM SCAR program. Matt was tasked with the user evaluations and New Equipment Training (NET) for SOCOM and the SCAR family of weapons. Matt left FNH USA and returned to training Law Enforcement as a Firearms Instructor for The US Department of State Firearms Training Unit within the Bureau of Diplomatic Security. Matt was tasked with firearms training of Federal Agents for Diplomatic Security both stateside and worldwide.

“We’re excited to have Matt onboard at Colonial Shooting Academy. He is a welcomed addition to our team and has really brought a robustness and focus to our Tactical Training division here in Richmond,“ said Reese Haller, Education & Training Director at Colonial Shooting Academy. “Colonial Shooting Academy has an excellent facility that I am excited to utilize. Having the Shoot House and the Tactical Range at my disposal really allows for creativity and effective training. The more safe, educated and responsible gun owners out there, the better. Let’s not forget that shooting is also extremely fun,” said Matt Jacques. “This perspective is perfectly in- line with our philosophy at Colonial Shooting Academy (RVA), combine that with Matt’s background and we should have a winning combination,” said General Manager Thomas Lacy. If you are interested in meeting Matt Jacques, Colonial Shooting Academy’s newest team member, come to the Richmond location at 6020 W. Broad Street, 23230 this Saturday from 3:30pm – 5:00pm. Learn more about Colonial Shooting Academy’s new classes on their website: www.colonialshooting.com/rva/train-with-matt-jacques.

Exclusive Glock New Model Range Launch Party at Colonial Shooting Academy!

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

Glock is releasing two new guns and chose Colonial Shooting Academy to be 1 of only 100 ranges to receive the new guns first! This means we will have the new models BEFORE anyone else! We’re having an Exclusive Glock New Model Launch Range Party on August 26th at 10am!

Enter to be the first one to shoot the new guns here at Colonial Shooting Academy! We will draw two winners on Wednesday the 23rd. Winners will also receive a gift bag of Glock gear!

To enter, select “going” in our Facebook Event, tag 3 people in the comments section, and share the event on Facebook to your news feed.

The first 50 people in the door at 10am on the 26th will get to shoot one of the two new Glocks for free!! It doesn’t get better than this!


Thank You Veteran’s Day Specials in Richmond, VA at Colonial Shooting Academy

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

Open to Close:
50% off Lane Rentals
FREE (One More Gun I Promise) T-SHIRT with purchase (w.s.l.)
PLEASE HELP US GET THE WORD OUT TO LOCAL VETERANS! Share the event on FB, use Instagram or Twitter, whatever works for you.

To get to our website, use this link: www.colonialshooting.com/rva/current-specials


Hard-To-Get FNs in Richmond, VA at Colonial Shooting Academy

Thursday, October 20th, 2016

Looking to purchase? New inventory hits the floor tomorrow/Oct 21.

Want to shoot the short barrel FULL AUTO SCAR 16, come see us Saturday afternoon.


HUGE Glock Sale in Virginia at Colonial Shooting Academy

Friday, September 16th, 2016


Huge News! Gunsite Academy Training Coming To Colonial Shooting Academy In Richmond, Virginia

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Super stoked about this exciting news from Colonial Shooting Academy.

Colonial Shooting Academy is open to the public 7 days a week and is located at 6020 W. Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23230.

Richmond, VA, July 14, 2015 – Colonial Shooting Academy, the largest indoor shooting range in the country, and Gunsite Academy, the developer of the modern technique of the pistol and the world’s oldest & largest firearms training organization, have announced an exclusive partnership that will bring Gunsite’s classes to Colonial Shooting Academy in Richmond, VA.

“We are proud to add Gunsite’s world-class firearms training to what we believe is the best indoor range in the country,” said Colonial Shooting Academy Marketing Manager, Peyton Lacy. “Anyone who is serious about firearms training dreams of attending a Gunsite class and now we are able to bring Gunsite 2,000 miles closer to shooters on the east coast.”

The collaboration between Colonial and Gunsite will bring Gunsite classes like the popular 250 Defensive Pistol course to Colonial Shooting Academy’s indoor tactical range and indoor shoot house starting in September, 2015. The 250 Defensive Pistol Course was first presented in 1976 by Colonel Jeff Cooper and is one of the most sought after firearms classes in the country. Suitable for shooters of all experience levels, the 250 Defensive Pistol Course is designed to achieve gun handling confidence & competence, includes 5 days of range work, lectures & intensive live-fire simulators, including low-light scenarios.

“I am proud to bring the Gunsite experience to the east coast at Colonial Shooting Academy,” said Gunsite Owner Buz Mills. “There is certainly an advantage to being able to train rain or shine, and the facilities at Colonial Shooting Academy are the best I’ve seen on the east coast. I’m going to enjoy spending time with new students in Richmond and I’m sure that some of our regular Gunsite students will be dropping by as well.”

To register & learn more about the Gunsite classes at Colonial Shooting Academy, visit www.colonialshooting.com/rva/gunsite or contact Karen at karen@gunsite.com or call (928)636-4565 ext. 19.

Al Clark Is Partnering With Colonial Shooting Academy In New Training Venture

Friday, March 27th, 2015

colonial tactical

Colonial Shooting Academy has announced a partnership with Al Clark, former Navy SEAL and co-founder of Blackwater Lodge and Training Center. The new training venture, dubbed Colonial Tactical, will offer shooters a wide range of practical and effective firearms training, fueled by Al Clark’s 28 years of Military and professional training experience.

For more information, visit www.colonialshooting.com/vab/event-type/dynamic-shooting-course

Colonial Shooting Academy

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Luxury indoor ranges are beginning to catch on as Gun Culture 2.0 begins to take hold. Earlier this year, Richmond, Virginia became home of Colonial Shooting Academy, the largest indoor range in the US. Already, it’s garnered a 5 star rating from the National Shooting Sports Foundation and once you get a glimpse inside, you’ll see why.


A soon as you enter the facility you are greeted with a modern, well stocked gun store. Boasting 5000 sq ft of retail space, CSA offers a variety of firearms, both new and used, but also popular clothing, holster and firearms accessory brands.


All told CSA offers 50,000 sq ft of space, featuring three ranges open to the public as well as a private club area for members. Each range features a similar set up with individually controlled target carriages and .30 rated ballistic glass between positions to enhance safety. Additionally, whenever a range is active, CSA positions a Range Safety Officer on the range. VSA also requires shooters to watch a short range safety video to review the fundamentals prior to taking to the range regardless of whether they are renting a gun, or bringing their own.


Three roof mounted air handlers run full time on any active range, keeping a constant air flow and filtering out gun powder and airborne led. In fact, they do such a great job that CSA is able to sell lead for recycling.


The basement is a law enforcement training area that includes a tactical range as well as a full shoot house that is rated up to .30 ball. That’s right, ball, not frange. This area not only incorporates male and female locker rooms but also a private vehicle bay entrance and a small ready room.


In the event you get hungry, CSA has opened their doors to a great food vendor, Mosaic which offers both snacks as well as light meals.


CSA also offers in-house gun smithing and firearms training. If you ever needed a reason to visit Richmond, now you’ve got one.