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War Sport Industries LVOA-S


Debuting in November the LVOA-S from War Sport Industries will be offered in both a 12″ NFA model and a 14.5″ with pinned flash hider. It was designed specifically at the request of a customer who wanted to mitigate the muzzle flash as much as possible in order to lessen the effects on night vision devices and to help mask the shooter’s position. War Sport tells us they’ve gotten it down. You see, LVOA denotes Low Visibility Operations Application.


You can’t run a suppressor with this gun, but that wasn’t the signature they were going after. It’s a DI carbine chambered in 5.56 and manufactured by GPI Custom Gunworks. The upper also features a new style of rail system. According to War Sport one of the secrets to the success of the LVOA technology is the integration of a BCE 2.0 brake.

You might also notice the incorporation of bungees into the upper in the first photo. This will help manage cables and the integration of material to break up the outline of the weapon when needed. The bungees are manufactured from the same material used in oven mitts so they won’t melt under use.

Look for additional news soon.


2 Responses to “War Sport Industries LVOA-S”

  1. War Sport says:

    The rail is not Monolithic.

  2. TCBA_Joe says:

    War Sport, are the bungees available for separate purchase? I really like that idea.