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AUSA – Ceradyne, Inc and Threat4 Inc to Introduce MOHAWK Combat Helmet

During last year’s AUSA, Ceradyne introduced a demonstrator of their MOHAWK technology. Now, they’ve refined the concept and in conjunction with communications producer Threat4, are unveiling this new version at this year’s AUSA.

The new “MOdular HArd Wired Kitted (MOHAWK) Boltless Combat Helmet” (Patent Pending) was developed by Ceradyne Diaphorm with the tactical in-ear radio communication headset developed by Threat4 Inc. This headset also offers hearing protection. The actual helmet features Ceradyne’s advanced Seamless Ballistic technology developed for the Enhanced Combat Helmet and integrates a modular data and power bus bar system. Essentially, this is a powered helmet with multiple mounting points on the helmet’s shell.

Marc King, President of Ceradyne Armor Systems and Patrick Armstrong, CEO of Threat4 both commented: “The integration of a headset communication system with hearing protection to the MOHAWK helmet provides a weight and logistics savings to the warefighter by eliminating the traditional headset’s power source and connecting to the power rail. The addition of comms and hearing protection to the helmet completes the warefighter`s Headborne equipment requirements and simultaneously addresses hearing protection.

The Threat4 tactical headset is a variant of Threat4’s traditional x-62000 series headset but modified to include brackets to mount it on either side of the MOHAWK and to draw power from the bus bar system. Other accessories that are mountable to the MOHAWK include IFF (identification friend-or-foe) transponder, NVG (night vision goggle) with integrated camera and LED flashlight, all powered from the rear battery pack. Last year these were Wilcox Ind products and based on the diagram, look to still be.

Now, if we can just get this program and the powered weapon rail to include common interface standards we might be on to something.

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