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TEA Headsets Launches New Website with INVISIO M3 Promo

With the release of their new website TEA has also introduced a limited time offer that includes a free INVISIO M15 Body Push-to-Talk switch with the purchase of the popular INVISIO M3 Standard In-Ear Bone Conduction Headset (a $300 savings).

The INVISIO M3 has been in use by Law Enforcement and Military Teams for almost a decade. What makes the M3 unique is it’s size and performance, especially in high-noise environments. The M3 is available in right or left ear versions.

The INVISIO M15 Body Push-to-Talk is a 2” PTT with a protection ring that prevents hot mic and also has a rotating back clip for secure attachment to your tactical vest. The M15 can be configured to work with practically any 2-way radio such as PRC 148/152/117G as well as Motorola XTS radios.

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