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Warrior Assault Systems’ DCS DA Plate Carrier Available in A-TACS FG

UK-based Warrior Assault Systems has introduced their DCS (Dynamic Combat System) in A-TACS FG Camo. Warrior Assault Systems claims that the design was developed with “direct input from active S.F. Operators” and is “suitable for both Special Forces requirements, and PSD Operations”. Fair enough. The DCS accommodates large plates front and back and has the ability to carry either “6 x 6? or “6 x 8? side plates. It is also designed to accept NEXUS NIJ Level 3a Front and Back. Additionally, there is room for ICW side plates.

The shoulders are fully adjustable and have an Emergency Release on one side which frees the left hand side shoulder section and allows the wearer to remove the vest without having to remove his helmet. The side sections of the DCS are fully adjustable for size and can be adjusted in under 15 seconds. 3D Spacer Mesh lining is used for comfort and allows body heat to move away from the bodies surface while assisting in air flow to provide cooling.

The DCS was developed to be worn in tandem with their Warrior Frag Belt and comes standard with 5 x Open Mag pouches for 5.56mm Mags as well as 2 x Small Utility / Medic Pouch.


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2 Responses to “Warrior Assault Systems’ DCS DA Plate Carrier Available in A-TACS FG”

  1. Hans Panzer 0311 says:

    Seems that you can’t buy any kit from their website, and none of the retailers listed seem to sell their kit either…I’m liking what I see, but no prices or any way to buy it so far…