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MAPA – A New Polish Army Experimental Camo

From our friends at SpecOps.PL

It is called MAPA (Map in Polish) and is under development by ASP post-graduate Mr. Maciej Dojlitko.

It is a family of patterns, developed specifically to match terrain and vegetation patterns met in Poland. There is a full scientific stdudy conducted behind this developments. The pattern is undergoing testing, and will be changed several times.

Comparison tests will be conducted soon to compare the pattern to standard Polish Army wz.92 “PANTERA” camo.





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12 Responses to “MAPA – A New Polish Army Experimental Camo”

  1. Bushman says:

    That’s good – clusters of spots in two different scales. Should still look like camo even from long distance, when many other patterns loose their texture and turn to solid color spot.

  2. Strike-Hold! says:

    Interesting. Certainly better than their current camo – it’ll be interesting to see if they actually go ahead and test this against other patterns as well, and pick the best one.

  3. Pastor says:

    Standard Polish Army camo is wz.93 “Pantera” not wz.92. New camo looks like very good.

  4. axid says:

    Finally! WZ-93 (current Polish camo) is really bad and I just cant understand why they decided to implement it in the 90s (!!), when all the other developed armies were already thinking about minimizing the pattern elements to make their camos more suitable for battles at closer ranges. I believe Polish camo is nowadays one of the worst in Europe.

    Having said that – this concept looks great. It’s really similar to PenCott (which is – in my opinion – the best camo for forrests of Central Europe). The greens finally seem to be suited to our woods, where greens of MultiCam/MTP look like a massive light spot. Until now, I thought PenCott and CadPat were the most suitable camouflage patterns for our area, mainly because of colours used, but this really looks promising.

    I really look forward to see and read some more about this one.

  5. nathan says:

    its kinda like cadpat and flecktarn and atacs combined

  6. Cesare says:

    Not bad but it seems too much “inspired” by Pencott Greenzone.

  7. Ww says:

    Wygl?da jak ujebana pi?ama

  8. badjujuu says:

    Pizama? haha – tak jak moj Amerykanski mundur ACU!

  9. Greg says:

    Way to go Pole’s!

  10. badjujuu says:

    So did someone basically photoshoped the original picture?