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ETA Trauma Kit (INERT) from ITS Tactical

ITS Tactical listened to the folks using their excellent ETA Trauma Kit and developed a training version. It is critical to train with your equipment but it’s expensive to expend trauma kit after trauma kit. The INERT version provides a low-cost option for regular training. They put some thought into this one.


ITS provides a great description of the product –

The components you’ll find in the inert kit are all the same items you’re used to seeing in our kits, with the exception of the Combat Gauze Inert Moulage Trainer. This blue packaged Combat Gauze is for simulated training only and not for medical use. It’s the same z-folded Combat Gauze in our ETA Trauma Kits, but it lacks the hemostatic agent necessary to stop real bleeding. The inert Combat Gauze also features a resealable closure, so you can repack it and train with it again.

With these Inert ETA Trauma Kits, there also may be expired components included. It’s important that this kit is not used to “refill” another of our ETA Trauma Kits, as this inert kit was designed with the sole purpose being used in a dedicated training environment. Along with the bright blue tell-tale pack of inert combat gauze, we’ve also stamped our insert card in blue with “INERT.” Again, this kit is for training ONLY!

The reason we’ve chosen to include an inert version of every component from our ETA Trauma Kits, is to ensure you’re training with the identical items you’ll be using in a real life situation. In the event you have to use an ETA Trauma Kit, you don’t want it being the first time you’ve ever had exposure to the components. Train like you fight.


Notice they talked about the inert version of the combat gauze. This is what it looks like.

Here’s the Entire Contents List

QuikClot Combat Gauze LE Inert Moulage Trainer (1)
HALO Chest Seal – INERT (2)
MojoDart Decompression Needle – INERT (1)
Naso Airway Adj. 28fr w/ Surgilube – INERT (1)
Israeli Bandage – INERT (1 – 4?)
Ace Bandage – INERT (1 – 4?)
Z-Pak Gauze – INERT (1)
Combat Casualty Card (1)
Nitrile Gloves (1 Pair)
Pencil (1)
Contents List w/ TCCC Care Under Fire Instructions (1)

A you can see, its everything in their standard ETA but intended specifically for training. Now, there’s no reason to pull out a trauma kit and have to learn how to use when it’s needed most. Like they said, “Train Like You’ll Fight.” Amen.


4 Responses to “ETA Trauma Kit (INERT) from ITS Tactical”

  1. Joe says:

    Everything but a freaking tourniquet, are you kidding me?

    How the hell can you call this a “trauma kit” without a tourniquet!?

    • Bryan Black says:

      Hi Joe, you certainly raise a valid point. We definitely carry and stand behind the Tactical Medical Systems SOFTT-W Tourniquet, but make it available as a add-on since most either already have a tourniquet or prefer a certain type over the other.

  2. Buckaroomedic says:

    This seems like a really good idea. Is it possible to get the training/inert Combat Gauze separately?

  3. M5 says:

    Very good, but… The price of the inert kit is $80, while the standard kit is $100. Sure, the inert one is cheaper, but not much. The inert kit really doesn’t change the fact that training using the kit is an expensive necessity.

    “Due to Z-Medica policy we can not ship QuikClot Combat Gauze outside the US to non APO/FPO addresses.”

    Any casualty deserves proper treatment, friend or foe alike. Yes, I’m sure the export restriction is due to some commercial or liability issue. Still, artificial limits on the availability of emergency medical kit seem questionable from a moral point of view. I’d hope that Z-Medica would reconsider the matter.