Klymit Ulaar Jacket Project on Kickstarter

20121018-133151.jpgWe’ve been writing about Klymit since the very beginning and this newest project, utilizing their Nobletek insulation draws straight from those roots.

Launched recently on Kickstarter, the Ulaar jacket features a body chambered, baffle torso for the NobleTek. Their VWT (Variable Warmth Technology) utilizes stable Argon gas as insulation. Based on conditions you fill the chambers as much as you need to stay comfortable.

the Ulaar incorporates a Low Friction 50D Polyester Shell combined with a Bamboo Charcoal Impregnated Liner as well as Welded Arm Pockets. Sized XSmall – XXXLarge, learn more at

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One Response to “Klymit Ulaar Jacket Project on Kickstarter”

  1. Dude Man says:

    I have an air insulated under jacket for motorcycling and it works phenomenally. This should insulate better than air.