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AUSA – Juggernaut Defense


Juggernaut Defense, LLC is displaying their case for the RAZR-MAXX Android device.


Be sure to check it out in the Glenair Booth #4140 on the Lower Level.




5 Responses to “AUSA – Juggernaut Defense”

  1. shizzle says:

    That is a great piece of kit, but their website doesn’t even show it in their portfolio. Any idea on when/if this will hit the market?

    • Toby says:

      It comes under Nett Warrior in the Juggernaut portfolio
      As for it hitting the market, I wouldn’t get your hopes up for it being any time soon, the Army is still assessing the current Nett Warrior setup. They tested it at White Sands in June, and has been deployed this month with 10 MTN in A’Stan.

      • The website has just been updated to show an updated NETT Warrior page! We are currently building a ‘product page’ linked from our website to show all of the cases/mounts/docks we are producing for Android Smartdevices and Tactical Radios. Check back in a week and it will be up and running….

  2. T. Auer says:

    Great job Chris!