War Sport Crossbow Suspension

War Sport LVOA –S / -C Rail platform featuring their “Crossbow Suspension” support.


According to War Sport Industries, the Benefits are myriad

– Extended Hide Position Support without the additional weight of a bipod
– Very Low Noise Signature during setup
– Vehicle Applications
– Helo Applications
– Wounded or Disabled Shooter Support
– Quick setup, light weight, disposable (Cut-n-Go)

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2 Responses to “War Sport Crossbow Suspension”

  1. Haven’t we been doing this for years with paracord? Seems kind of gimmicky if you ask me. I’d really like to know what they are going to charge for something like this.

  2. TCBA_Joe says:

    If War Sport is reading this, do you sell the heat resistant bungees that will be featured on your rifle as separate items?