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CrossFire and Mystery Ranch at the 2012 Land Warfare Conference


Mystery Ranch was on hand at last week’s Land Warfare Conference in Melbourne, Australia to support their Australian partner CrossFire. They also displayed their entries for the SCE tender as well as the OZ-NICE in DPCU.


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8 Responses to “CrossFire and Mystery Ranch at the 2012 Land Warfare Conference”

  1. Dude Man says:

    Is that guy having a conversation with a mannequin in the first picture? LOL

  2. HomeSec says:

    Mystery Ranch sure has some funny lookin’ customers…

  3. Jimbot75 says:

    Ahhhh no that isnt a mannequin – the civilian is talking to an Australian Soldier, eyes closed mid photo with his hands in pockets.

  4. 96C says:

    That ‘civilian’ is Dana Gleason, CEO and pack master of Mystery Ranch. I met him last week.
    Some really awesome packs on display there including the new Spartan, can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  5. ZeroAlpha says:

    I will be amazed, flabbergasted, etc if the ADF buys full-spec Mystery Ranch packs as part of the Soldier Combat Ensemble. I went to a recent ADF combat clothing expo, at which the question was asked if the Mystery Ranch packs were what we would getting. The answer from the expo team was that they ask industry to produce packs, etc to a certain spec. The way that it came across was that we’ll get a cheap, half-arsed version of what Mystery Ranch is offering. Seeing that money is getting squeezed across the ADF, I can’t see high-end packs being standard issue in the future – as the saying goes ‘issue kit is made by the lowest bidder’. I’ll believe it when I’m wearing it/carrying it.

  6. Gillomonster says:

    Great article. I really like the pack pictured in the second/lower photo located in the lower, right side coroner. What looks like an assault pack with extra side pouches on each side, waist belt, and all in multicam. What pack is it? I went to the Crossfire and MR pages but I could not locate it. Thank you.

  7. Ginjo says:

    Dana is the man! He has done much for the community, and thoroughly takes into account user feedback. Mystery Ranch is truly one of the finest products out there. I have three issued MR packs and they are comparable (for civvie applications), and far exceed (for military applications) any of the high-end civvie packs (Arcteryx, Osprey, Gregory, etc.). Kifaru? Sorry guys, you may have been an originator, but you have fallen by the wayside.