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Kletterwerks Update

In early summer we introduced you to Kletterwerks; the latest project from the folks at Mystery Ranch. You see, way back in 1975, long before there was a Mystery Ranch or even a Dana Designs, there was Kletterwerks. Although short lived it was founder Dana Gleason’s first foray into the pack business. Since then he’s learned a thing or two while running those other companies we know so well. Resurrected earlier this year, Kletterwerks is now the baby of the Dana Gleason III, better known as D3. Really more of a lifestyle brand, they’ve taken design cues from those early packs and updated materials and construction. I saw the line at Summer OR and it looks great.


Now, they’ve launched a website so you can stay abreast of what they are up to. While there, check out the line and maybe order a pack or two.



One Response to “Kletterwerks Update”

  1. JM says:

    looking forward to one of these packs!