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OD Slings are Back at Blue Force Gear

Despite a mass shortage of Olive Drab webbing, Blue Force Gear managed to source enough material to make a few Vickers Slings for all you hardcore OD fans. OD Slings are currently available in padded and unpadded options. The Padded VCAS is my go-to sling. I’ve tried a lot of different slings out but find myself going back to the BFG VCAS time after time.


3 Responses to “OD Slings are Back at Blue Force Gear”

  1. Ed says:

    Stupid question time: There’s a mass shortage of OD webbing? Can you expand on that for me if you have the time?

    • SSD says:

      There isn’t that much OD being made anymore. Without Govt contracts for it, there’s little reason to run it. It was replaced by Foliage Green which is more Grey in tone.

      • Haji says:

        And now foliage is seeing a bit of a slow down in manufacturing, too. It’s still very much available, but my reps are telling me that they’re not moving very much of it these days.