SKD Tactical released their own version of the defunct Eagle cr-utv-ms, or “Universal Chest Rig / SKD version” which was originally developed by Paul Howe (MSG, USA Ret). This improved model is called the “PIG UCR (Universal Chest Rig)” and incorporates some new features.

-500D Construction
-Adjustable retention straps that adjust with Velcro instead of metal tri-glides
-PIG CR-UTV-MS Upgrade Straps, standard
-Internal drainage grommets
-Compatible with PIG CR H-Harness Kit

The PIG UCR carries 2 x M4 mags (USGI/PMAG/Lancer) or 1 x 7.62 mag (PMAG/SR-25/AR10/FAL) or 1 x AK-47/74 mag per each of its 4 rifle mag pouches. The 4 pistol mag pouches up front accommodate double stack pistol magazines (up to Glock 20/21), flashlights, utility tools or other similarly shaped items. The PALS webbing on the sides of the chest rig allows for additional ammo, first aid, radio or utility pouches. The PIG UCR also retains the mesh stash pocket and the internal Map Pocket of the original Paul Howe CR-UTV-MS with Velcro closure along the top of the rig.

Available in Black, Coyote, MultiCam and Ranger Green and Made in USA!


10 Responses to “SKD – PIG UCR”

  1. Joe says:

    I’d have like to see some bungees on the mag pouches, individual flaps for the pistol mag pouches, and compatibility with the Mayflower APC

    • SSD says:

      Then you’d be looking for something else.

      • Joe says:

        2/3 don’t make it something else entirely. How hard would it have been to add bungees and split those flaps?

        • Roecar says:

          Probably more added cost and slightly more difficult construction. A good soft-goods designer makes things a certain way for a reason.

        • SSD says:

          There are plenty of other products out there like what you are asking for. What’s the point of every product being exactly the same?

  2. Lasse says:

    With a grommet punch and press, you could add the shock cord yourself in 10 minutes, including reading the manual for the punch/press…
    But I agree on the flaps for the pistol mags, 2 1.5″ instead of a 3″ doesn’t add a lot more work. It wouldn’t add more than a few minutes of production.

    And since PIG already has their Brig (?) PC which can accept QASMs, it would be smart to include that option to make their own items compatible.

    But then again, most guys who asked for the Eagle rig probably wanted exactly that, and not PIGs modified version of it.

    • Daggertx says:

      I have two of the older version from SKD they are a good rig. There is elastic on the rifle mag pouches. I run a kydex insert with when using single mags and no straps.

      It was easy to cut and heat seal the pistol flaps. I added some webbing pull tabs to the ends as well based on my preference.

  3. Guys, thanks for the discussion comments. This is a “re-introduction” of the best selling chest rig we’ve ever offered (by far)- thus we stayed true to its original format, which allowed us to keep it at $89. As mentioned above, additional features = additional cost, which for a DIY operation or smaller shop wouldn’t make much of a difference. But when dealing with manufacturers that factor time studies measured in seconds into their costing, and when orders are being placed in the hundreds (and not tens) of units, trying to say that adding this or changing that wont cost much more is simply not the case. Also, the BRIG was not designed to be QASM compatible, so trying to run it with QASM’s will wear out the slots in short order- can’t quite comment on that situation at the moment as we have pending announcements on the BRIG coming soon. So to reiterate: $89 and Made in USA. It’s made for a specific market and price point. If you’re looking for something else, it’s out there! Thanks.

  4. Buckaroomedic says:

    It’s nice to see this rig being made again. Gonna have to get one this time around. This is the perfect KISS rig; not too much, but just enough to get the job done. Really like the PALS webbing on the sides instead of the radio pouches that the original had.

  5. INF says:

    a teammate of mine ran this rig downrange but we had it modified with bungees and split the pistol flaps just like you guys are saying. great piece of kit especially when used ICW the h-harness adapter piece.