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Still Good Advice


These steps are just as valid today as when they were first published.

thanks RN!

6 Responses to “Still Good Advice”

  1. BradKAF308 says:

    And scroll 3 reports down. Don’t be a douchbag.

  2. Strike-Hold! says:

    Good advice for fighting tyranny from any part of the political spectrum.

  3. veteran says:

    if only America took this advice and followed it before voting today…..

    • Volta says:

      Now why go and post this reeking relic, this ghost from a shameful past… Some of you people sound like we out here in the third world where vindictiveness, tribalism and lack of a leadership of progressive ideas is the order of the day… your innuendos are quite primitive… Astonishing!

    • nelsontl69 says:

      Can’t fault people for being dumb.

  4. cratekicker says:

    Create a PDF download of it?