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War Sport Industries Rail Sock


Interesting shot of the War Sport Industries‘ Rail Sock. It’s a thermal barrier that will withstand up to 1700 deg F. It also integrates shock cord that is equally adept at handling heat. This can be used for cable management or to scrim your weapon.

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20 Responses to “War Sport Industries Rail Sock”

  1. D says:

    War Sport thermal rail cover + shock cord = Rail Sock?

  2. TCBA_Joe says:

    Where does one find thermal resistant shock cord

  3. far26 says:

    what kind of upper/ rail system is the one in the picture? is it avaliable?
    I can’t find anything in their website

  4. Sal Palma says:

    A rail sock? What’s next a multicam codpiece?

  5. HSD says:

    Can we pre-order this codpiece you speak of?

  6. guerrilla says:

    Put some molle on it so I can attach my canteen.

  7. Pat says:

    I’d also like to know what rail that is.

  8. R3D R3IGN S1X says:

    How about one for an AK?

  9. mike says:

    As someone who’s making an AR pistol with a 7″ PWS Diablo upper, I’m EXTREMELY interested in this.

  10. Wear gloves and shoot! If you’re shooting so much that the barrel is getting hot, take a break and put on gloves. Did I mention put on gloves yet?

    Have a good one,

  11. AcidGambit says:

    Gloves work better, and do more for you. If you are shooting your rifle enough to get it really hot, and you are in a real fight ( not flat range), you will be wearing gloves anyway, or should be.

    Another product invented for a problem that doesn’t exist. A lot of that has been going on lately.

    • mike says:

      A problem that doesn’t exist for you. Just because a product doesn’t solve a problem you have doesn’t mean it’s worthless.

  12. Haji says:

    Looks like the hand stop is placed in front of the sock, apparently having the user grab the fore end in front of the sock. It’s an interesting idea, but I’m wondering about retained heat and if that does any damage.

  13. John says:

    Oh brother. Is this the next thing that everyone is going to toss on their rifle? Without ever having needed this before, now no one can live without it. Necessity is the mother of invention, it isn’t the other way around.

  14. TomcatTCH says:

    once upon a time I would wrap and tie an empty bandoleer around the aluminum float tube on my first AR. Worked really well, back when I could easily afford to burn through a 1000 rounds a range session.

    Seems to be similar in concept if this is meant to reduce user felt heat.
    Very different if this is to change the heat profile of the rifle.