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King’s Arsenal Tactical Seat Covers by Coverking


King’s Arsenal offers these fabric seat covers with integrated PALS webbing on the rear. Each cover comes with 6 pockets. Covers are made to order for different vehicles and rear seat models can also be produced without PALS.


The covers are offered in Black, Coyote Tan, Grey as well as Kryptek Highlander and Typhon. They also true MultiCam but do not have any photos of it loaded. Currently PALS webbing is Black for all models.


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3 Responses to “King’s Arsenal Tactical Seat Covers by Coverking”

  1. Sgt B says:

    That’s pretty awesome. I’ve seen a photo floating around the internet with MultiCam seatcovers but couldn’t find a place that actually produced them. Christmas can’t come fast enough!

  2. Ryan says:

    The only reason I want camo covers is its harder to tell when they are dirty.

  3. O'Neill Ops says:

    The first Multicam seat covers were created by King’s Arsenal for O’Neill Ops and can be seen on the O’Neill Ops facebook page. An HD video review will be posted shortly.