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Everyday Carry Gear from SureFire

This video by SureFire featuring pro shooter Maggie Reese covers those products you should make part of your Every Day Carry.

We’re seeing these marketing videos become more and more prevalent. What do you think?


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5 Responses to “Everyday Carry Gear from SureFire”

  1. JM says:

    sounds like i need an eb1. In all seriousness though, this definitely helps spotlight products which is always helpful for the consumer education process. cool!

  2. MU says:

    I Love my first gen EB1, one of the most handy things I carry every day, next to my pocket folder. I think the mininfomercial is alright, interesting way to get info about the products out there.

  3. GAK_PDX says:

    SF needs to make a true pocket EDC flashlight.

    The EB1/E1B is super bulky compared to competing lights from Fenix, 4 Sevens and the like. The problem is, those lights all give up something in the quality department compared to SF.

    I’ve put my money where my mouth is to get a T1 Titan and am left unsatisfied. Twisty lights suck compared to a quality clicky and the output is frankly anemic compared to what the Chinese are putting out – all at an *obscene* price point (even for SF).

    The perfect EDC flashlight? Single AA battery for pocket slimness and the huge availability of batteries. Clicky switch on the back. Twist head for output selection with a detent on high (somewhat like the Titan). Optional pocket clip. 150 lumens or more, with a super bright hotspot and a wide flood. Made in the USA by SureFire and a price point in the $100-150 range.

    If SF made that, I would be on it like a fat kid on a cake.

  4. TMedina says:

    Interesting marketing attempt.

    The writing felt disjointed – it was trying to combine various different products into one sales pitch that didn’t really fit together.

    The E-series (E1L, E2L, E2L-AA) are all better suited for the “EDC” label than the larger Fury series. The Minimus, while great kit, is also unlikely to be part of the average person’s EDC loadout.

    For assertive EDC, the E1B, EB1, and the E2DL are also much better choices for relative size and convenience of carry than the Fury flashlights.

    Maggie Reese, while undoubtedly an excellent shooter, needs to smile more if she’s also going to pitch products.

    And the visuals in the video are, I suspect, likely to turn off the average target audience – civilian females. A better approach would have been to emphasize “softer” professional use – LEOs in non-tactical situations, rather than SWAT teams. Transition into more plausible scenarios where a woman would be well advised to inspect a dark area – the scenarios presented felt very contrived.

  5. Mike says:

    When looking at this advertising from an European standpoint, the USA look like a warzone with a gang of trigger happy bad guys around every corner.

    I seriously had a good laugh. Even tough, I really like Surefire lights.