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More Limited Edition Slings from BFG

This is the second time Blue Force Gear has introduced Limited Edition versions of their popular slings. This time it’s a Desert Digital model.


BFG only has 47 available, stemming from a small overrun of a special sling for a select customer. These are a padded 2 to 1 point convertible sling in ultra-rare Desert Digital pattern.

There are two versions of this sling – one with a UWL-PB in the rear for weapons with rear eyelets and one with a push button swivel and Burnsed Socket. Both slings have RED Swivels sewn in the front for emergency release and quick one handed two to one point conversion.

Additionally, they’ve incorporated their exclusive brown anodized aluminum hardware, as well as other pieces not previously released to the public, to perfectly match the Desert Digital webbing for the ultimate in signature reduction.


One Response to “More Limited Edition Slings from BFG”

  1. mike says:

    Yeah, that has the teams written all over it. These will fly off the shelves.