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Skeletonized Bottle Holder from ITS Tactical Now Available

If you use Liberty Bottleworks bottles or other, similar bottles then you know that there isn’t currently a good way to carry them let alone something that is adaptable to a wide variety of belts and platforms. That is, until now.


First off, it’s Made in America. Second, it’s received a slight name change from the original. You see, the new Skeletonized Bottle Holder began its life as the Modular Skeletonized Container Sling. Designed and manufactured by ITS Tactical and Zulu Nylon Gear, we initially mentioned it during Summer OR when it was initially debuted, but now it’s available for purchase.


It incorporates a lightweight minimalist (2.7 oz!) design that features true one-handed operation, full adjustment to handle any container size and mounting to either MOLLE/PALS, or a standard belt.


The Skeletonized Bottle Holder features double-layer webbing as well as a HDPE stiffener for structure and support. They’ve also created a textured pull-tab for a non-slip grip with adjustable shock cord retention to facilitate one-handed container deployment and accommodate any bottle neck size.


The Skeletonized Bottle Holder features a fully-adjustable system in both width and height that can handle multiple container styles and diameters. Using the included PALS attachment system, it can be mounted virtually anywhere, including most any belt size with a simple configuration of the mounting strap.


A short list of compatible bottle designs include Liberty Bottles (both 32 oz and 20 oz), Nalgenes, Klean Kanteens, GI Canteens, Guinness Cans and even plastic water bottles. Available in MultiCam, Coyote Brown and Black.



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4 Responses to “Skeletonized Bottle Holder from ITS Tactical Now Available”

  1. Mel Terkla says:

    Absolutely outstanding design guys! I tip my hat to you.

  2. Ryan says:

    These look terrific Bryan. As soon as the Multicam med pouches come back in I will toss one of these in with it.

  3. DesCorpus says:

    Perfect. Should go well with my molle slingbag, side mounted. really appealing in respect to minimalism w/ flexibility. now wheres that buy button…