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Natick Labs Can “Git R Done”

In what may prove to be their greatest achievement yet, Natick’s Carriage Design Lab, demonstrated a modular chest rig that holds beer, cigars, lighter and TV remote control to Comedian Larry the Cable Guy during a recent visit for his History channel show “Only in America.”


Larry the Cable Guy just didn’t visit Rich Landry’s Nylon Disneyland, he also get to try out a lunch of sampling a of delicious rations as well as investigate the latest in FR technology.

To learn more about his adventures at Natick Soldier Systems Center, visit


5 Responses to “Natick Labs Can “Git R Done””

  1. SGT Rock says:

    They should’ve used that fat ass redneck for a bullet sponge.

  2. sean says:

    Slow news day at SSD? 😉

  3. james says:

    Nice Rich! I think I may need one of them!