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AEX Tier One – The Movie

In August I visited the guys at Airsoft Extreme and they showed me a rough cut of this short they had created from video shot during the filming of a commercial. It is a Hollywood production and aside from the airsoft guns and associated special effects the gear is authentic. Watch it in this light and enjoy.



9 Responses to “AEX Tier One – The Movie”

  1. Toby says:

    Great production, I like the attention to detail in the gear and especially the POV/helmet-cam shots
    Loved the ending too, great anti climax lol

  2. Big Red One - Ramadi says:

    I love how they leave their buddy behind… Not

  3. Tom says:

    I thought they were after the box of Twinkie’s!

    • Angry Misha says:

      The illusive box of “Twinkees” would’ve been epic. And Ben, I kind of agree with you, but some like the admin stated, some former guys are into “mil-sim”. It’s like the new paintball. I prefer three gun myself. But sadly “yes” there are some mall ninjas out there who should step up. And the term for them isn’t “Military Aged Males” it’s “Fighting Aged Guys” lol.

      Now, let me put my critic hat on lol.
      1. If you’re over watch has a supressor. Everyone else should be rolling one too
      2. The guy with the SCAR-H was sporting 5.56 mag pouches
      3. When your weapon is at the low ready, your eyes are not
      4. Someone should be holding security in those hall ways
      5. If you’re going to simulate muzzle fire but leave out rounds ejecting (they showed it on “Ronin” I’m sure you techno geeks could’ve managed it) you should simulate banging rooms.
      6. No one outside of LE wears their radio on their back

      I could go on but it is what it is. And I’m gonna say it was better than that stupid SEAL Team VI history channel crap. I’m sure you had less funding, equipment was more accurate and no one was sporting a Surefire on the rail in front of their sights on their benneli M4 lol

  4. Ben says:

    Next you should start posting magic the gathering videos on the site. I find it pathetic that in a time of war, that instead of actually joining the military, military aged males in the U.S. play war and make garage like this.

    • SSD says:

      Sorry you didn’t appreciate the video. Btw, one of the guys you just talked shit about is a wounded warrior who served in an Army SMU.

    • Joe says:

      You know, some of us ‘military aged males’ that play airsoft ALREADY served? I did my time (9 years active duty Army) and enjoy the heck out of shooting kids with fake guns and plastic bbs. You’d be surprised to find out how many airsoft players either already served or are planning on doing so. Lighten up.

  5. Airsoft Extreme says:

    Borrowed gear, personal gear, and miniscule budget. One day shoot. Planned and rehearsed scenes on the fly the same day. It was all about the eye candy. That sums it up.
    Balanced “authenticity” with dramatic effect for the camera. i.e. had to slow down some of the team movements in the structure so that the cameramen can follow for tight shots. No bangs because we didn’t think we’d have an entire story that could be cut into this movie. Also, didn’t have the VFX budget (VFX guy is not a gun guy thus no brass either). Yea, SCAR-H dude was wearing 5.56 pouches. Damn, didn’t think anyone would look that closely to notice. Obviously, absolute authenticity is not the case if each operator had a different weapon system and two of them don’t even exist operationally (Masada AKM and Masada 556) Radios (fake PRC152s) – yes, I put them where I could and one of the guy’s radio with antenna was real floppy and stuck out a lot on the back of his vest. If you look closely, no one had PTTs either since I didn’t have any. Point man is the only guy with a real aggressive “gonna f**k you up” stance since he has the experience as SSD pointed out in some detail. Just some of the things I picked out in my own video and I’m sure you all can pick out a heck of a lot more.
    Obviously, from the twist in the vid’s ending, we can’t be accused of taking ourselves seriously as “operators”. That being said, despite some overenthusiastic airsofters on the internet that make the sport/game/hobby seem stupid to some (there are just as many “real steel” internet retards), there are plenty of airsofters that have served, are serving, or will serve in GWOT (our “sniper” just left for Basic training last month). I’m sure there’s plenty more to pick on in this vid just as we’ll be probably be picking on Zero Dark Thirty when it comes out (it’d better be better than that dumb Discovery Channel movie!). I must thank my friends for helping out in being this vid and the pro film crew who are airsofters/professional fashion photographers/hip hop video directors! And thanks to SSD for thinking it to be worthwhile to share. That’s validation enough for me!

    • Angry Misha says:

      The one thing that impresses me with airsoft kit is how accurate some of it is and that the dimensions are from what I understand mostly gleaned via photos. I have seen a airsoft HK416 that had a piston assembly that was pretty close to the real deal and now GPNVGs that I could probably swap out for the issue kit. Honestly I thought the end was hilarious. In regards to your comment about people who own the real deal being geeks. I would say that they are the worst offenders. I never understood why someone who wasn’t an 8541/0317 would spend thousands of dollars to make a spec M40A4 to include a simrad mount and not even own a simrad. Screams “poser”.

      In all seriousness though… You gotta do a “hunt for Twinkee the Kid”