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US Tactical Supply Bundling Hog Saddle Mod 7s with Manfrotto Tripod Kits

The Hog Saddle was developed by a Marine Scout Sniper and OIF Veteran as a clamp-style stable shooting platform. It is designed to be combined with a tripod such as the Manfrotto which is well known in the precision shooting community.

You’ll save about 5% when you purchase the Hog Saddle Mod 7 and one of the Manfrotto tripods together as a kit. US Tactical Supply has several options available, from a basic Hog Saddle Manfrotto Kit all the way up to the Manfrotto Carbon Fiber with the Magnesium Ball Head as shown in the Picture above taken on Vendor Range Day during last month’s US Army Sniper Competition.

Check out the various options at ustacticalsupply.com/hogsaddlemanfrottotripodkits.

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2 Responses to “US Tactical Supply Bundling Hog Saddle Mod 7s with Manfrotto Tripod Kits”

  1. Big Red One - Ramadi says:

    For those of you who find this product interesting but don’t have a flat bottom rifle or $400-$800 to spend. I would recomend you look into a similar product that attaches to the 6’Oclock portion of a picatinny rail.


    I have not used this, nor will I vouch for it. I merely found it to be an interesting product and similar in nature to the Hog Saddle in regards to its functionality.

  2. The HOG Saddle Will fit just about any rifle with or without a picatinny rail; Regular hand guards, Round Tube AR Style, (new demo pics coming soon) just about anything that will fit into the cradle & it will give you a very stable Base not a single point design like the pic rail mounts. These are also used for the Spotting scopes like the Leupold MK 4 and can be instantly transitioned for a rifle rest if needed. It’s also is under 16 ounces & Made in the USA by a Veteran Owned Small Business!

    More Videos and Pictures coming soon!