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New Info on the X-Caliber Shotgun Gauge Adapters

The other day, we told you about the new X-Caliber Shotgun Gauge Adapters from Tim Ralston, Founder of Gear Up and inventor / manufacturer of the CROVEL brand line of survival shovels.

Ralston is an avid shooter and developed this family of 10 adapter sleeves in various calibers for use with a break action 12 ga shotgun. If you’re like me, you’ve been interested in seeing how these work. Now, he has produced a video that showcases how the X-Caliber works.

And here he is firing it at the range. I’m a little concerned with accuracy at longer ranges, but you have to consider the distance and the short true barrel length of the X-Caliber Adapter. At handgun engagement ranges it works great.

Now that you know a little more about the X-Caliber Shotgun Gauge Adapters, what do you think?


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19 Responses to “New Info on the X-Caliber Shotgun Gauge Adapters”

  1. G17K says:

    Get a Double Barrel and you can settle the .45 vs 9mm debate forever!

  2. Scott says:

    Its a good idea, but its been around for a while. Still hard to trust a gun related product made by a guy who practically blew his thumb off on national tv….

  3. Luke says:

    good idea, but only really useful in a “10 years after everything has gone to hell” kind of way, wouldn’t mind a set but not for $450, I’ll spend that on one caliber thank you.
    also, no ear/eye pro? folded piece of cardboard? seems like a guy who hasn’t graduated very far from shooting pop cans with his bb gun. it’s one thing if you’re screwing around for fun but if it’s your product presentation to the world, maybe find the time to set up a better demo.

  4. Ryan says:

    Its an interesting concept for sure. The notch to remove the rounds is a great idea. The video demoing it was pretty crappy. They should have fired it off of a bench rest to show groupings possible instead of random shots from standing and sitting and then not patching targets. Its a cool system and would be fun to play around with but for the price I don’t plan on taking a chance.

  5. Jake says:

    I agree with most of the above coments. If there was the option to buy a single unit for $50-$60, I may consider it. This guy should pay someone who knows what he is doing to make a good video for him, or better yet, learn for himself, it would pay off in the long run with sales.

    • Mike LaForge says:

      Single units. Have to agree with Jake. I have a .22 converter and a pair of .410 converters for my 12 ga. O/U. Individuals would have more interest for me.

  6. Daggertx says:

    It’s a cool idea but if you are going to go single shot why not TC contender and a bunch of quick change barrels? They can be quite accurate.

    Since he’s marketing to “preppers” well…I am sure people can think of plenty of options for “survival rifle” concept.

    • SqDb says:

      Yeah, I don’t really care who his targeted demographic is. I see some potential, practical applications for a couple of these outside the “end of the world zombie apocalypse” scenario.

  7. SqDb says:

    Excellent idea. Might need some fine tuning. 7″ barrel isn’t going to be great for the rifle calibers, but it should work fine for the handgun calibers and .22s. I’m interested in buying a few (but not the whole package).

  8. Dave the Rave says:

    When I thought about his dilemma awhile back, my solution was different. Instead of worrying about running out of ammo but having other calibers available, I figured the better solution was just to have plenty of ammo. To solve the problem of having a weapon break, I figured it was better to have a second identical weapon. Honestly, quality rifles today don’t break as much as people talk about. The best way to not have problems with your firearm is to clean it – so ultimately instead of going with a multi caliber firearm, I prefer just to have plenty of ammo and CLP.

  9. m5 says:

    Cool. A rifle-sized single-shot pistol. I’m sure this, “truly the most versatile weapon system in the world”, will bring the Taleban to their knees.

    What next, a musket? Just think of it, harvest powder and lead, never mind changing the barrel.

  10. m5 says:

    Damit. Scrolling downwards I notice that the pistol hatchet is already covered.

    Just how did you plan to survive with just barrels, but no hatchet?

  11. Jake peacock says:

    Well hell ill make this even better and ultra tacticool. Lets go with a quad rail system with full length top rail, a bipod, a us optics 3-10 power scope with trijicon mini red dot sight mounted on top, a laser pointer and finally that new .22 cal zip gun on the forend. To top it all off paint it black and add a lime green zombie bio hazard logo. Presto you have the ultimate never going to happen zombie apocalypse gun.

  12. SqDb says:

    Some of us are looking at this from the perspectives of “How can I make my hunting/camping/hiking/woods/etc gun more versatile” & “Cool Firearm Related Concept” as opposed to any BS zombie end of the world scenarios.

  13. manhammer says:

    i agree, in maybe a single or a four piece kit. 22lr(or 22wmr), 9mm, .223, 308? hunting different types of game, or grocery shopping as i like to call it, different calibers may be the ticket. good idea, bad marketing, and even worse demo. bench rest the thing for @%&*$ sake. nobody cares how bad you are at shooting, we want to see what that set can do.