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The Crovel

The Crovel, which is a portmanteau of shovel and crowbar, bares at the very least a passing resemblance to the Chinese Multifunctional Shovel in both aesthetics and functionality, but is made in the USA. The Crovel works as a shovel, crowbar, hammer, bottle and can opener, and grappling hook, among other uses. The shovel head is made from 10 gauge hardened steel while the handle is a 19 inch goose head crowbar with a 1.5 x .75 inch hammer face. The handle is also wrapped in 15 feet of 550 paracord, which offers an enhanced grip, but can also be used as a survival material. All we need now is a Youtube video of several American soldiers showing off all this tool’s features set to epic music and we’d be in business.

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  1. Johnny B says:

    And kudos to you, Admin, for using the word “portmanteau.”