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SureFire M720V RAID WeaponLight ADS Tactical

The SureFire M720V RAID WeaponLight is one of the systems chosen for USSOCOM’s VBL III contract.

It features variable white-light and infrared output from a single, LED head. A self-locking ring eliminates the danger of accidental light discharges. Modes are controlled via buttons and switches on the light’s chassis or via tape switch. Additionally, it attaches Picatinny rails (even dinged or out of spec) with an integral mount with a self-adjusting Swing-Leverâ„¢ clamp. Available in Black or Desert Sand.

For more information visit, www.surefire.com/RaidWeaponLight. Agency orders can be supported by www.ADSinc.com/SureFire.


3 Responses to “SureFire M720V RAID WeaponLight ADS Tactical

  1. FormerSFMedic says:

    I was part of the initial T&E of this light when it was being considered. The RAID series is an outstanding weaponlight with many features not found on other systems. The setup is slightly bulkier than the scout lights, but takes up less rail space. Absolutely awesome setup!

  2. Mobious says:

    Finally, a light the costs almost as much the weapon and has a couple more functions and options than before …. I WANT ONE

  3. George says:

    Wow, $800 for a weaponlight? Does it provide some special features that I’m missing? You can buy a complete rifle for that much money.