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New Bose T5 Tactical Headset

Bose introduced the new T5 Tactical Headset at AUSA.

Designed to fit under a variety of combat helmets, the new T5 is engineered to double the amount of time users can be exposed to tactical vehicle noise safely, compared to previous Bose models by leveraging over 30 years of noise cancellation technology. The T5 offers continuous and impulse noise reduction. It monitors sound inside the earcup and creates a correction signal to fade background distractions allowing the wearer to hear more radio comms without having to turn up the volume. The noise cancellation turns on automatically when connected to a powered intercom, and for dismounted operations away from the vehicle, a new battery power feature uses a simple on/off switch.

A cable-mounted control module sets the volume and permits ambient sound to be heard at three different listening levels without taking off the headset. An integrated push-to-talk switch activates voice communication through the noise-cancelling microphone, and an on-and-off switch offers intercom, listening-only setting or radio communication setting.

Available in single or dual comm versions, the dual comm variant offers smart audio distribution, which distributes audio automatically to the earcups according to the connected sources. In the most common use cases, the primary source (vehicle intercom and radio) is in both ears while the portable radio is present at a slightly lower volume in the left ear. When the control module is connected to two portable radios, the signals are split with one radio in the left earcup and one radio in the right.


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3 Responses to “New Bose T5 Tactical Headset”

  1. T says:

    Is this product limited to vehicle noise, or can it fit other applications? What is the dB range?

    Also, it looks like they have aviation headsets, do they have a military oriented product page or is this available from special channels only?

  2. Steve-O says:

    If these headsets are anything like their aviation headsets it will be a warm welcome to anyone riding inside loud vehicles. S/F