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Lynx Bushing Tool


The Lynx Bushing Tool was created specifically for use with 1911 barrel bushings. It’s a simple solution to a very specific problem allowing you to apply pressure and torque simultaneously to avoid parts flying across the room.


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4 Responses to “Lynx Bushing Tool”

  1. Sketchy_Endeavor says:

    Terrible pic from a marketing standpoint…it’d be much better with a full body pic.

  2. threeseven says:

    Does this do anything that a standard 1911 bushing tool doesn’t?

    • Haji says:

      Not a thing, but when has the market ever suffered from something different selling? Just another way to accomplish the job, and it’s not like there aren’t a bunch of new 1911 buyers in the last several years. I don’t need one, but somebody out there is sure to believe they do.