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AKU NS 564 Bosco Boots

AKU NS 564 Bosco tactical boots haven’t been available in the US for some time. Now, Morrison Industries is bringing this popular boot back that was developed in conjunction with US Special Operations for a wide variety of missions to include HALO, amphibious and mountain operations. It’s a rugged multi-purpose boot that does NOT use a waterproof breathable liner meaning great breathability. After becoming a favorite of select US SOF units it is now quickly becoming a favorite with the British Armed Forces.

The NS 564 is constructed with a rugged and breathable AIR 8000 synthetic upper. They feature a 360-degree abrasion-resistant rand to minimize wear and tear. They have a Vibram SWOT outsole that makes them great for scrambling as well due to the sole’s edging capabilities and a flat area at the toe for toe point climbing. The internal Sanifit lining wicks away moisture produced by your foot at a very fast rate. Although the NS 564 has a slim-line midsole Aku’s internal midsole keeps your feet comfortable mile after mile, and the tough Bycast Rand offers great protection from rocky paths.

Now that we’ve gotten all of the technical stuff out of the way, let’s talk turkey about these boots.

I’ve had a pair of the AKU NS 564 Bosco “urban approach shoes” for years (going back to before I retired). When they first came into the country they were billed as an “urban approach shoe” which could be used for light trekking. The “Bosco” has been marketed as a Navy SEAL boot in Europe but nothing could be further from the truth. A customer asked a US distributor of the Italian brand AKU to have them create a special model from the upper from one boot and the sole from another. Then they slapped a new, subdued paint job on the thing.

This is a low topped, lightweight boot at 2 lbs, 6 oz a pair. The NS564 Bosco offers true sizing so no need to order a size larger or smaller. As mentioned, there’s no waterproof breathable liner. So consider that when you choose these. If you are in a wet environment your feet are going to get wet unless you use a waterproof breathable sock. If you need to go that route, take that, as well as your other socks (such as heavy socks), into account in sizing. The up side is that they are going to breathe very well and dry more quickly than boots with extensive lining systems.

The color is quite interesting. It’s a three tone boot consisting of a Light Brown suede paired with a Green nylon upper and a Black rand and sole. What’s interesting about the Green is that I’ve noticed over the years how adaptable it is. It appears more Brown when in a Brown environment and more Green when in a Green environment. Plus, as you use it, you’re going to get it dirty. Note, they are also offered in an all Black model.

Also, note the generous rand that protects the boot and helps you get a hold if you end up doing a little climbing in these. Additionally, I’ve always loved the lack of metal hooks. Parachutists will appreciate this feature as well as anyone who doesn’t like catching a hook while in the back country. Also, they are literally made for 550 cord laces. With some footwear this sticks out, but not these.

Remember, under the hood, these are approach shoes. They are intended for hiking and climbing. The actual soles are grippy but a word of caution. They are thin. Not uncomfortably so, but if your day consists of standing around then that insole replacement is crucial.

They are a great boot and I’m not the only one who thinks so. Canipe mentioned them over the weekend. He’s had them as long as I have and I’d say spends a lot more time in them than I do as I end up trying out different brands and I regularly see him wearing his. Canipe swears by the AKU. My big feedback is to swap out the insoles but I’ll tell you to do that with most any shoe. No matter the footwear, consider this in sizing.

Now, here’s the best part. SSD readers take a $10 discount now through Thursday 6 December at Midnight using code Discount Code: SSD-001 at checkout through morrison-industries.com.

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22 Responses to “AKU NS 564 Bosco Boots”

  1. Joe says:

    Note that the old OTB Thor was heavily based off this boot, if not virtually identical as far as I know.

  2. What would you prefer these or Merrel Sawtooths? I am in the market for new hiking boots.

  3. Jon c says:

    Based off: yes
    Identical to: not even close

    You can’t really compare the quality of Akus to newer Merrells, which aren’t really that durable or well constructed since they were bought out. If you want a true hiker to put miles on the Akus are not your best bet though, they lack cushion and don’t have an overly aggressive outsole.

  4. Thanks Eric I will check these out after Christmas.

  5. Jason says:

    Try a pair of Lowa or Hanwag boots. Both are German and firm favourites in the police and military here in the UK. I own both and they are some of the best boots I’ve ever worn !

  6. My problem with boots is both my shoe size and width I have 14 wide feet. So I’m fairly limited in my choices. My feet also hate almost every waterproof boot.

    • SSD says:

      Good God!

      • Ryan says:

        They had to make me custom dress boots. It took well over a year… most of that time I assume they were slaughtering all the cows in the west to get enough leather.

    • Spencer W says:

      I feel your pain, size 15 EEEE for me. I have also found that boots in my size do not dry out well at all and that I must take out the insole after every hike if I want dry boots the next day.

    • Doc Steel says:

      I have the reverse problem i wear a size 4.5

  7. Ryan says:

    Darn just got a chance to check the Morrison Industries website to see what size the boots came in. I guess I will have to look elsewhere for hiking clown shoes.

  8. Mac says:

    Not a favourite in the UK.

    Over priced, no support, no cushioning.

    A lot of people buy them just because SF get issued them however most of the blokes don’t wear them.


  9. Chris says:

    I watched a dude try and fast rope with these on…Yeah, not recommended unless you like taking 30ft falls.

  10. Marvin Martian says:

    Shipping is apparently very SLOW. Ordered the 3rd and nothing, nothing, heard…. Just an email immediately after ordering stating it was filled. No tracking. Website gives no tracking, just “filled”.

  11. Case says:

    Same here, I ordered a pair on 4 dec. and haven’t heard anything. Tried calling and got no answer. I’ve emailed them twice with no reply. Something has got to give. As of the present Morrison Industries is making themselves look bad. We all know how quickly word travels in this crowd. I hope they prove me wrong.


  12. Case says:

    Well here I am eat’n crow. Had to make this right. After a substantial wait I finally received my boots. To the credit of Morrison industries, I received an email from them explaining that they are a one to two man show and a sencere apology. So thank you to Morrison Industries and my apologies for a lack of faith in your company. I wish y’all the best of luck and a Merry Christmas.

    Thanks again