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Arc’teryx Sale at OP Tactical

Save up to 30% on Arc’teryx LEAF now through December 7th during OP Tactical’s Pearl Harbor Day sale. In stock items on their front page.


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7 Responses to “Arc’teryx Sale at OP Tactical”

  1. Chris says:

    What does their Levels scale stand for? I see Level 3-9 on their site depending on the article of clothing? Thanks

    • SSD says:

      Man, thank you for that. You reminded me of something. I remember being at a meeting at Arc’teryx and the European sales reps all wanted them to dump the clothing level designations that the newer stuff had because their customers wouldn’t understand them. That’s whe a bunch of the names came from.

      OP Tactical has based these as equivalents to the Twight System. Check out articles on PCU for further reference.

  2. Chris says:

    Not a problem. Just checked out this site:


    It explained everything. (feel free to delete if need be. Just trying to help)

    Keep up the awesome job. Love reading SSD!

  3. Chris says:

    The levels are also spelled out in the apparel section of O P Tactical.

  4. RE: Levels, check this link.


    We adopted the PCU layering system for our site, Arc’Teryx used to use it but has since simplified for the end user. We continue to use this system because many people still use it, and the definitions are quite simple to understand given one has ten minutes to put toward clothing that equates to near-life support levels in austere environs:

    From the page…

    Level 1- Light Weight Base Layer
    Level 2- Mid-Weight Base Layer
    Level 3- Heavy Weight Base Layer (fleece)
    Level 4- Wind Jackets (Ultra-Thin Barriers)
    Level 5- Weather Resistant Outer Layer (Soft Shell)
    Level 6- Water Repellant Outer Layer
    Level 7- High Loft Outer Layer
    Level 8- (Arc’Teryx) Waterproof Gore-Tex Layer
    Level 9- (Arc’Teryx) Weather Resistant (like Level 5)

    Level 7 can often be worn right over individual armor or load bearing equipment, some versions are also designed to be used in lieu of a sleeping system, so the wearer can don them, get warm, and sleep in them in the field. This reduces gear taken to the field and makes fighting from a sleeping system much easier.

    The layering system of clothing is designed around the concept that fabrics pushing moisture away from the body will keep you warm while in motion, once you go static you can don waterproof or warm layers to insulate yourself. While in motion, you will not be 100% protected from precipitation, however, at the same time you will not have water retention in your fabrics that will keep you cold.

    We hope this helps you in your selection for cold weather outerwear.”

    That should answer the previous question.

    Jon, OPT

    • Chris says:

      Jon, thank you for that. I saw the explaination right after I went back to the site. Look forward to placing an order soon.