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Granite Tactical Gear CHIEF Operation Manual

Granite Tactical Gear CHIEF Operation Manual

This is the operation manual for the Granite Gear CHIEF frame and pack. It also covers accessories.

Uploaded by Hussar Group. Thanks 762PR.PL for reminding us!


4 Responses to “Granite Tactical Gear CHIEF Operation Manual”

  1. Martin says:

    The CHIEF packs are amazing. For my money they are the best of that size around.

    • Andrew says:


      How do you like the pivoting hip belt? Is it stable?

      • Martin says:

        Andrew, it is a mountaineering pack and offers a lot of movement. As long as you set the pack up for yourself correctly it will be extremely stable. The thing is you absolutely must size the pack correctly or it isn’t nearly as comfortable. The manual covers how to adjust it for the size of your torso, just do it. I also like belts to be tight and with this belt tightening by a forward pull instead of pulling out it makes it a lot easier.

        • Andrew says:

          Thanks martin, I appreciate your reply. Suspension wise how does it compare to Mystery Ranch packs?