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Granite Tactical Gear CHIEF Operation Manual

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Granite Tactical Gear CHIEF Operation Manual

This is the operation manual for the Granite Gear CHIEF frame and pack. It also covers accessories.

Uploaded by Hussar Group. Thanks 762PR.PL for reminding us!

Granite Tactical Gear 50% OFF Sale

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Extreme Outfitters is blowing out all of the Granite Tactical Gear Packs in black at 50% OFF. The four black packs on sale are:

Special Mission Assault

Special Mission Patrol

Tactical Rat Race

Tactical Rat Patrol

They are also clearing out some ACU kit at 50% off www.extremeoutfitters.us/gtgacu.

FREE Mission Go Bag from SOTech for SOF Personnel!

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Well, it’s not free to you directly from SOTech, but Uncle Sam has already paid for them and they are sitting at Lexington Bluegrass Army Depot (SOFSA) just waiting for your Supply NCO to order them! We were surprised to go out to the field and talk with SOF Operators who want the gear, but have no idea that SOCOM has already purchased it and it collects dust waiting for your unit to get around to ordering it. And it’s not just the SOTech Mission Go Bag, the entire BALCS backpack system is available including packs from Mystery Ranch and Granite Gear Tactical. Who knows what other great gear is waiting for your unit while your supply guy plays World of Warcraft. So if you belong to a SOCOM unit (only), march into your supply office and demand that they order the BALCS SOF Pack Suite Contract # W911QY-07-D-0013, especially the Mission Go Bag NSN: 8465-01-557-1565. It makes a great E&E or just day to day bag. Plus it is pretty versatile and can be mounted/worn 12 different ways. If you want to customize it, SOTech has developed a series of inserts for different mission sets including SERE, Breacher, Sniper, Laptop (RECCE), and Medical.

This is the real deal guys and there’s only one catch. You have to get your supply guy to order them.

Granite Gear Tactical 2011

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

We met up with Granite Gear at last month’s Outdoor Retailer Winter Market and had an opportunity to check out their tactical line. They’ve always got lots of cool products in the works. This past year they concentrated on developing products for the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) solicitation so there are a bunch of new medical products coming out. They are featured on pages 6 – 8. The DA-Med Pack in particular is well thought out and features the most innovative use of translucent cubic material we have seen yet. Additionally, the Armor Mounting System MOLLEs into place in order to stabilize the pack yet facilitates a quick removal.

A couple of other highlights to look at…First, on page 5 is the Voile strap, adapted from the ski industry it makes an excellent tie down for packs and odd loads. Next on page 9 is the Dragster, GGT’s drag bag. it has too many features to list here so just make sure you read about it in the catalog. Finally, is page 15’s Steripen Ready Aquasack that combines a water bottle, a specialized pouch for the Steripen and batteries, and an Aquasack to carry the whole thing in.

Granite Gear Tactical 2011

To order GGT products visit www.extremeoutfitters.us.