SIG MMG 338 Program Series

Forces Focus – SOBR (Police Special Squad of Russia)

Combat Shop RU produced this video featuring the SOBR (Police Special Squad of Russia).


6 Responses to “Forces Focus – SOBR (Police Special Squad of Russia)”

  1. This movie is just teaser, full version (but only in russian) will be published before X-Mas. Follow us!

  2. Logan F. Crooks says:

    Seems to me they have a different approach when it comes to room-clearing, they load-up on armor and visors and go slower while our guys are more maneuverable and move faster in all directions. Interesting to see their TTPs.

  3. Fred says:

    Good point Logan. I did loved the small shield giving good coverage of the mass and use it as some sort of diversion when you enter the room.

  4. Reseremb says:

    No need for Speed when the enemy is barricaded and waiting for you, if you don’t have the Surprise and there is no special conditions like hostages, go slow and safe. You can see lots of shields and similar TTPs in Kabul used by NZSAS and the Norwegian guys, FJK?

  5. to Logan F. Crooks
    our police officers are ALWAYS against AK-74 or AK-47 – (no shortguns or pistols at all)
    the small shield of a forwarder is about 35 pounds, vests are about 32 pounds. the lowest level of ballistic protection is 5 level russian (AK-47 proofed). Please mind terrorists at Nother Caucausus are immortal (terrorists think so) – surprises at every room – the First tries to get all damage (God safe him!)

  6. fellows, the video was record at resl training – operators just did there work without any compromise to us